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I live with fiancee, who I love deeply. Lately he's been dealing with massive stomach issues - and is already type 1 diabetic.

EmpowHER Guest
Coping with a sick fiancee

I need help i got an abortion on 25th february under general anestitic i was 8 weeks 2 days pregnant i also had an implant on the day however after that iv been going through problems ...

EmpowHER Guest
i need help :(

Well, I used to have somewhat an intercourse with a female, but not inserting anything inside or whatsoever, just using my tongue, that was like a long time.

Can I get HIV symptoms from two people who I think are uninfected?
View Comments Monobear-Sensei commented 9 hours ago.

After tested for preganacy it was positive. Can postinor 1 or 2 be taken to destroy the pregnancy?

EmpowHER Guest
About pregancy
View Comments misvives commented 20 hours ago.