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Does anyone suffer from Trigonitis or inflammation of the bladder?

By October 30, 2008 - 3:01pm
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If anyone suffers from this, PLEASE contact me!! I've been having bladder and urinary pain for months. My urologist doesn't think I have Interstitial Cystitis, but I do have Trigonitis. I can't find any information on this. PLEASE HELP!!

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EmpowHER Guest

Hi is there any update on trigonitis please? I'm 54 premenopausal and have had this diagnosed via cystoscopy . Now have burning pain all around pelvis and lower back . Thinking hormone related
Help anyone?

June 16, 2017 - 2:22pm
EmpowHER Guest

Hello to all fellow trigonitis sufferers. I hope you all feel better than the last time you've posted here. I'm dealing with this horrible illness as well. My problems started in 2015 July, when I started having UTI's that eventually lead to cystitis and then it became a trigonitis. I have been diagnosed with it in June 2016, my urologist did a cystoscopy and saw a bit of redness there, that is not supposed to be there. She gave me antibiotincs (doxycilin) and suggested to do cystistat treatment. I refused doing it, since cystoscopy itself brought so much pain, I couldn't imagine dealing with familiar pain weekly during the treatments. My symptoms are constant urinating and stomach ache (in the lower belly). I've tried so many natural remedies, antibiotics, antidepressants, you name it... and nothing. And so many urologists, just like some of you say here do not deserve their doctor's name - they have no idea about this illness. It's heartrbreaking, since this illness stops you from having any kind of normal life.
Now I've recently had another cystoscopy (since I started feeling way worse) and my trigone are is even worse (altho after previous cystoscopy I had tried so many natural remedies, hoping it would go away). My bladder and blood tests are all clear (it's a very common case when having trigonitis). My doctor suggested cystistat once again or botox. I don't really understand how botox could help in trigonitis case, since it's being used usually used for overactive bladder syndrome. So I guess I'll have no choice but do the cystistat treatment. I may inform you on here how it goes, I have a lot of hope for it. If someone is having this treatment at the moment, please share how you are feeling.

Some things that helped me a bit:
Tea made from dry silene flowers (silene latifolia). You put dry flowers and just pour boiling water. Doesn't taste incredible, but it will make you feel better.
Parsley tea
Always pee before and after sex. (I had no idea about this before and had no problems)
Cymbalta x Amitrypletine antidepressants combo - helps with pain and makes you want to urinate less.


March 3, 2017 - 12:49pm
(reply to Anonymous)

Hi I have been been suffering with the same condition for 16 years now, seen numerous specialist.
I have had Botox injected into the vaginal area targeting certain tight pelvic floor muscle areas and yes it did work but only temporarily as Botox is not permanent.
I have flared up again and it just feels like I have chronic cystitis very debilitating.
Put a big stress on everyday living trying to work and stay strong with your family and partner.
I also get the bladder spasms that causes my trigonitis to flare when that happens and I have no control of that.
The only thing I find that gives me some relief is half a tablet of Bactrium at night which is an antibiotic, a low dose anti inflammatory tablet Celebrex helps and get vaginal pessaries of Valium made by a compound pharmacy, place one in the vagina at night, take low dose of gabapentin which help with neuralgic pain.
Sometimes your pelvic floor muscles are also making the problem worse, check you don't have hypertonic pelvic floor, that means very tight muscles., which I have as well.
I have tried everything and I am still suffering. As I said I have been ok for 18 months after the Botox but sex flares it up immediately.
I do constantly use the Valium and Bactria when it get really bad.
I also find that taking prelief which a tablet that neutralises the acidity in your bladder helps before any meal.
Definitely take them, if you can't get them take bicarbonate of soda.
I'm seeing the specialist again next week, another cystoscopy. Having a urethral dilation helps temporarily.
Wish you all the best. Very debilitating disease to have, wish there was a cure.

March 3, 2017 - 3:57pm
EmpowHER Guest

I have trigonitis but I am only 16 which is almost unheard of to have trigonitis this young. I have constant bladder infections that sometimes put me in hospital and I am in constant pain when I pee especially after sex. It I should a horrible condition and next infection I get means that I have to get the bacteria burnt and from past experience it's going to kill.

September 28, 2016 - 11:07pm
(reply to Anonymous)

Hi sorry to her you are only 16 and suffering trigonitis.
How did you go with burning the bacteria away from the trigone area. I have heard if it called fulguration.
Try Botox injection vaginally it work for about six months but it does give some relief. Also fake prelief a two tablets before you eat and drink it will keep the bladder alkaline and stop the burning.
I take half tablet of batrium antibiotic at night and that helps a lot.
Hope you get well.

March 5, 2017 - 8:23pm

My heart goes out to all fellow sufferers of this horrible affliction! I was diagnosed in July, 2015 and although I had symptoms on and off for several years, I didn't have my cystoscopy done until then. IC was ruled out at the same time but I do follow the IC diet because anything, and I mean ANYTHING remotely acidic, causes a major flare-up. For example, I avoid most citrus fruits, coffee, tea, alcohol, some meats and anything with high acidity. Although I have some discomfort daily, this diet helps keep the major flare-ups at bay. I am only 35 and this is by far one of the most depressing and debilitating things I have gone through in my life! It is so hard to live day to day, not knowing how you will feel and not having the simple luxury of eating and drinking like a normal person! Tell me how a normal functioning person is supposed to get through the workday without a cup of coffee? That is the hardest for me. Or not being able to enjoy a glass of wine to relax at night or on a weekend. I've tried it all: antibiotics, dilation on several occasions and food avoidance; however, there may be HOPE here and something to look forward to with these following sentences. After much research, my husband and I stumbled upon an article online about a study done in Texas on a group of women with Trigonitis. It is a procedure called FULGURATION. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1879522615004212
I was desperate to have anything done for a cure, so I presented this study to my Urologist and he said he was able to do the procedure for me. It was exactly 5 weeks today that I had this done. Since it takes up to 12 weeks to recover, I will be having my follow-up cystoscopy in early April to determine if it worked. Fingers crossed and to all of you who pray, please do! Maybe this is our answer!!! I have had some discomfort during this healing process but no more than usual, with only one flare-up but that was while I was shedding some of the scabbing in the bladder. It is too early to tell at this point if it worked, but I will keep you informed. Good luck to all and God bless!
If anyone needs more information, feel free to email me at clutzick@keystone.edu

February 8, 2016 - 6:56pm

Sorry, I accidentally posted that first post twice!

February 9, 2016 - 6:11am
EmpowHER Guest

I have trigonitis. Am in nearly constant pain, not just when or after I pee. Been on antibiotics for 3 months. The only thing that seems to help are Azo cranberry pills. I also try to avoid pop, alcohol, and orgasms.

May 11, 2015 - 6:23am
EmpowHER Guest

Hello to all :)

I use toviaz 8mgs to reduce the spasms in my bladder. It works for me as soon as my symptoms start I usually take it for a week or two. I have a really bad reaction to mustard or hot salsa. The toviaz helps the sore to heal.

I hope you all find a remedy that works for you.

August 4, 2014 - 8:31pm
EmpowHER Guest

Indeed, from all the comments here, this is a horrible condition, as I was diagnosed with trigonitis in April 2014. After months of painful bladder procedures/bladder medications that didn't work, and severe, excruciating bladder pain as well as urgency and frequency (going 60 times a day to the bathroom being up all night in agonizing pain), I certainly can validate everyone's frustrations here. The disabling pain that wouldn't go away made me absolutely miserable, and wreaked havoc on my job, my marriage, and my life. My husband wasn't quite able to understand why I couldn't be intimate anymore; but I knew that if I was intimate, I would pay for it for weeks. However, I have learned that instead of following the masses and giving in to to the pain, which made it undeniably worse, I chose to be empowered and do something proactive about my situation. When I received the diagnosis, I decided to research the condition to better understand its causes, the treatment options and the ways in which I could help myself. After spending a lot of time doing so, I learned that my condition was likely caused by a back fracture I sustained last year - in essence, the nerves that connect to the lumbar and sacral spine (the areas of trouble) innervate the bladder. The trigone is the area where the nerve endings bundle and populate. This is exactly why I was struggling - nerve misfires from a broken spinal vertebrae. Anyone who has trigonitis, I suggest you have a chiropractor examine your back to see whether this is a root cause of your problem. I also realized that my diet was not making the situation any better. For those that have trigonitis or any other type of bladder condition, your food choices often dictate whether you will have a good or bad day. I soon became educated on which foods to avoid, namely coffee, chocolate, spices, citrus fruits, cranberry juice, citric acid, vinegar based salad dressings, and a number of other common bladder offenders. I recommend you go to google and search the "IC Diet," which can help you to pinpoint problem foods. A naturopathic doctor who I was seeing ran a blood test as well, to see whether I had food allergies that were contributing to the inflammation in the bladder. Lo and behold, I have a severe allergy to chicken, eggs and dairy products, things I ate regularly before all this started. The blood test examines foods that lead to inflammatory responses in the body - I highly recommend you check this out for yourselves and see whether you may have a similar issue. I also stumbled upon a pelvic floor physical therapist, who found that my pelvic floor was also, due to the back fracture, not functioning correctly, which led to a lot of the pain and agony in the pelvis and bladder. Trust me, there is no quick fix for this problem. But what I do know is that PT, a change in diet, and a simple blood test got to the root causes of my problem. I had gotten to the point where it was either suicide or take matters into my own hands and learn how I could get better. I fought hard and have found some relief. While it is not a perfect science, I recommend for all of you to stop focusing on the negative, which is hard as I know, and start looking at things to help yourself. If anyone has questions, please post and I will answer them. I am no expert, but I do have some helpful suggestions.

July 31, 2014 - 9:25am
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