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Estrogen Dominance and irregular periods?

By July 12, 2010 - 12:18pm
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I have had menstrual problems since I got my first period. They were irregualr and heavy. Before I had kids I was on the pill from age 16 to 27 and then again from 28 to 30 and from 31 to 33. I am now 35 years old and three years ago I have a tubal ligation. I was tired of being on the pill and the side effects of migraines and depression. Since I've been off the pill, I've gained 50 pounds, the migraines are worse, the depression is all the time instead of the week before my period and my cycle is now every 17 to 23 days!!! (The side effects from the pill seem not to be so bad now that I look back) That's is the part that I am most upset about. I have one good week of feeling great and then the rest of the month I want to crawl under a rock. My symptoms are:

short cycle
weight gain around stomach and thighs and back of arms
breast discharge
food cravings
frequently dropping things especially before my period
lack of patience
overwhelmed feeling
body aches - lower back and sholders
migraines 3 days before my period starts
Also, before I had kids, I had no problem with my weight. I was 127 pounds when I first got prego and then gained weight after each kid. I now weigh 164 pounds down from 182. I did have my thyroid tested and came back normal. But under active thyroid runs on both sides of the family. I also have a family history of bad menstrual cycles, obesity, heart disease and depression. Could we all have estrogren probelems too?
I've been to the gyno several times and even a endocrinologist. They both say I have PMDD, refuse to believe that estrogen dominance is a real problem, and all they want to do is put me on the pill and take medication for depression. So I did and felt a little better, however I still have terrible side effects like migraines and I can't lose the other 40 pounds. As soon as I go off the pill, my period goes right back to 17 days and terrible PMS, and I gain weight. I need something to control the irregular cycle would help me feel somewhat better. I have cut out all dairy and gluten, we only eat organic produce (always have) and beauty supplies and I exercise 4 days a week and can't lose a pound. Would a low dose pill help? Or not really solve the problem.

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EmpowHER Guest

My lifestyle/diet - we only eat organic produce, no dairy (lactose intl) and very little wheat. I was told to try and avoid gluten and see if I feel better. I exercise 4 days a week, power walking and weights plus a yoga every night before bed. I cut out soda and all juice years ago. And we eat very little red meat and if only it is organic no hormones.
My thyroid test all came back normal despite having syptoms.
My migraines occur once a month 3 days before I get my period. They are horrible and I can't function when I have one. I have to lay in a completely col dark room with no sound. Usually I vomit too.
Before I only got depressed and fatigue before my period but now it is constant.
I was also wondering about adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrom.
Thanks! ann marie

July 12, 2010 - 3:59pm
HERWriter Guide

Hi Ann

Thanks for your post!

You have really been put through the ringer, haven't you? It must be terribly to live through all those symptoms every month and have no end in sight (for now).

With regard to your weight gain, there could be many reasons for this that are not necessarily connected to your hormones, although that's still a possibility of course.

But since your estrogen levels are normal, let's look at other possibilities.

It could also be that you are one of the many women in the world struggling to lose weight after having children, especially in their 30s and 40s. Do you think this may be the case? Can you tell us a little about your lifestyle/diet/exercise?

Another issue is that you may have a problem with your thyroid. Have you had yours checked? Persons with thyroid conditions (especially those with a hypothyroid problem) can gain weight and have great difficulties losing it no matter how little they eat or how much they exercise. Hashimoto's (a thyroid condition) is a big culprit.

Can you tell us a bit more about your migraines? When do you get them - what time of the month, what time of the day? Do you recognize factors that may trigger them?

Before you mentioned PMDD, I was thinking that too. You may still have PMDD but it sounds like something more is going on.

I also think you need to have a serious look at your depression and see a psychiatrist or psychologist about it, rather than remaining with your primary care doctor. Can you ask for a referral? I think a mental health professional will be of more help to you in this area and a psychiatrist can evaluate your medical charts too.

Some of your symptoms may be connected and some may not. You may need a team of professionals, along with yourself, to work out and separate your conditions and see what may be triggering what.

Read more about Depression by clicking the name.
Read more about PMDD by clicking on the name.
Read more about Thyroid Conditions by clicking on the name.

Regarding going back on the Pill - it may be a good idea to try again and see what happens. Your doctor can guide you in this direction.

If you can answer some of my questions that will enable us to help you further. It sounds like you have a lot of health conditions/symptoms to figure out and we can help guide you in the right direction!

July 12, 2010 - 1:42pm
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