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Frequently reoccurring UTI, yeast infections, and BV. At my last rope

By Anonymous June 24, 2015 - 1:49am
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I am a 31 year old, monogamous female. Since I was 17 I have been having recurrent UTIs caused by sexual intercourse. I have experianced a few kidney infections over the years as well. I have been to uriologists, been on a post-coital antibiotic regimine, now on a post-coital urex and vitamin C regimine. The antibiotics worked to prevent the UTIs some of the time but it was like russian roulette between a random UTI or random yeast infection depending on how frequent intercourse was. At least with the urex its only the random UTI and it doesnt also cause yeast.

Then when I get UTIs, I am put on antibiotics (typically cephalosporines or penicillin since I am highly alletgic to macrobid and cipro). Needless to say, then come the guaranteed yeast infections each time. So then I have to take diflucan in tandem with the antibiotics.

Now, in the last 5 years I have been getting frequent BV as well.

Frankly I feel like my body is just against me having a normal life. To be honest, it is very overwhelming and it has gotten to the point where once the mess begins I an getting very depressed. I cry until the episodes resolve... each day.

I just want someone to tell me how to make this sick cycle stop.
My GYN recently told me bladder voiding is a proven fallacy. I do it anyway. I wipe correctly every time, I use baby wipes to keep clean, I shower daily, I try to be sure to follow my post-coital regimine of medication

But this last couple months have been a cruel joke. Uti into bv which was first wrongly diagnosed as yeast, then a phone call and a internal cream perscription which went into me having my period. Then followed by 2 ish weeks of discharge with no symptoms... then right before my period which just ended I had another UTI, antibiotics, and went to bed wearing a U by Kotex panty liner to catch the spotting of my period on its way.

I woke up with my clitoris dry, itching, and swollen. I used 100% pure coconut oil and apple cider vinegar doches which only eased the discomfort. Finally I was able to get diflucan but by then my clitoris turned white and was cracking and peeling and dry... and full blown menstruatiin
I had a tube of internal yeast infection medication with a small amount left from when I was wrongly diagnosed and I have been using it on the area affected and it has began to clear up.

But all in all... I can't take this anymore
2 uriologists, multiple gyns, and my primary care physicians can't give me any answers. This has caused issues in prior relationships and I am lucky enough now to have met soneone who understands my urinary tract issues are a true health concern... and 8 or so times a year that we cant be physical for a week ish isn't the end of the world.

I've tried probiotics but I get severe die off symptoms of itching (scalp mainly), bloating, gas, and acne.
I've tried natural remedys such as Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut oil
Yogurt and acidophilus doesnt help
I've been trying post-coital regimines and mentioned
I am not retaining urine
I get stones infrequently as well
I am hygenic
My bf of 2 years was given medication just incase we are passing bacteria
I have recently been diagnosed with HPV (like 90% of the world will be)
I have the Paragard IUD (8 years in)
I use cystex
Cobdoms do not prevent the UTI, bv, or yeast issues as I have seen

If there is anything other then "just don't have sex aymore" which we all know is unrealistic and means I might as well be miserable and alone
Please tell me

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EmpowHER Guest

I'm so sorry you're suffering from this. I to have been suffering from chronic bv and yeast infections for the last 5 months. I had my paragard removed a little over a week ago, and for now I'm trying to get back to health. Everything I'm doing is already very helpful and can be found on this amazing website I found. Www.allthingsvagina.com

Please check them out, you will be very impressed. I bought their ebook on killing bv. Their approach to this issue makes a lot of sense and I'm so happy they have helped many women dealing with these issues.

Please check out that website and ebook as it is worth every bit of your time.


November 9, 2015 - 8:02pm

I will discuss this with my doctors. I feel a long term antibiotic treatment would end up causing harm in itself considering my reaction to antibiotics.
I did mention resistance to my primary but he said my blood work comes back with low to no resistance.

I have considered the possibility that the IUD is causing (if not retaining) the bacteria. I never dealt with BV until after paragard. I do wonder if taking it out would correct that issue.

Thank you both for replying.

My reason for choosing IUD over the pill was that I had seen a bad reaction to loestrine. Severe mood swings into depression, bloating, hair loss, and weight gain among others. For some reason I also spot frequently in between periods on the pill.

I am the unlucky person to experiance these problems with side effects while having other issues where I need medications to prevent worse consequences.

As of now I am thinking I need to go back to the gyn since the infection I am currently experiencing seems to only minimally be getting better after taking diflucan 4 days ago and using an external antifungal cream. I know by day 4 I should be near clear, but instead I am still expering mild discomfort through the day and discomfort moderate enough to keep me awake and some slight peeling still going on.

I have also been feeling mild flank pain, so all I keep thinking is here I go again...

I just want to feel healthy, long term.

June 24, 2015 - 8:34pm
Guide (reply to Preciousmetal143)

Hello Preciousmetal143,

Inquire about a post-void ultrasound of the bladder. The more I thought about your situation, and mentioned it to my husband, who is a physician, a urinary tract abnormality or possible urethra stricture seems plausible.

With a post-void ultrasound, it can be determined if you are completely emptying your bladder and if there is a stricture. This could predispose you to recurrent UTIs because of retained urine.

Glad to help,

June 25, 2015 - 9:38am

Hello Anonymous,

It troubles me that this ongoing cycle has left you feeling miserable and hopeless.

Erik P. Castle, M.D. who is a board-certified urologist on the Mayo Clinic staff stated these factors that can increase a woman's risk for developing recurrent urinary tract infections:
kidney or bladder stones
bacteria enter the urethra during sexual intercourse
an abnormal urinary tract shape or function
an inherited risk of developing bladder infections (genetic predisposition)

Have you ever had a cystoscopy or CT scan of the urinary tract?

Dr. Castle suggests in cases where the cause cannot be found, one of these options may help:

A long-term, low-dose antibiotic for as long as six months to two years

Intermittent or self-directed antibiotic therapy — for instance, taking an antibiotic after intercourse or starting a course of antibiotics supplied in advance by your doctor at the first sign of a UTI.

Anonymous, has any physician suggested antibiotic resistance as a possible reason for your recurrent urinary tract issues and development of bacterial vaginosis?

The overuse of antibiotics promotes antibiotic resistance.A bacterium is resistant to a drug when it has changed in some way that either protects it from the action of the drug or neutralizes the drug.

Any bacterium that survives an antibiotic treatment can then multiply and pass on its resistant properties. Also, some bacteria can transfer their drug-resistant properties to other bacteria.

I hope that this additional information empowers you in future conversations with your physician and get closer to a solution.


June 24, 2015 - 8:37am
HERWriter Guide

Hello Anon!

Thank you for reaching out to our Community. I know it's not much comfort to you but I am truly sorry you are dealing with this and I agree that it is deeply affecting your entire life. Some women are very prone to UTI's after sex and the fact that you get many side effects from the medication used to clear them up is not helping you at all. Many women do get yeast infections after antibiotics but it seems like you are getting all the side effects all of the time. This is physically traumatic but also mentally difficult to deal with you. You should be able to enjoy a full sex-life (that you are entitled to) without dreading the aftermath.

I wonder if your IUD might be exacerbating the problem. This IUD has been known to cause vaginitis (which you have) which is an inflammation of the vagina. There are different kinds of vaginitis but your kind is bacertial vaginitis that is caused by an upset of the balance of the flora in the vagina. Yeast infections are considered one form of vaginitis which again, is occurring due to your antibiotics. There could be a vicious circle going on here.

While BV is often considered an STI, it sometimes is not. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that one in three women will contract BV−“a silent epidemic”−during their lifetime. BV is associated with the imbalance of bacteria naturally present in the vagina, but the cause is not fully understood.

BV generally occurs when “good” bacteria growth is disrupted and overtaken by excessive “harmful” bacteria growth. Researchers know that sexual intercourse can change the balance of vaginal bacteria, but are unsure how or why this happens.

Any woman—even those who have never had sex—can get BV. Your risks could be increased by using an intrauterine device (IUD) for birth control; not using condoms during sexual intercourse, especially sex with multiple partners; natural changes in hormone levels due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause; and using douches, spermicides, or vaginal sprays, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Again, I wonder if your Paragard is causing, in part, your issues. But the only way to know is to take it out. This is something you should think about. I feel that doctors tend to reject many side effects but BV and a copper IUD connection is a fact.

Since I feel I am giving you information rather than solutions (since no doctors seem to be able to help you after tests and examinations) I will ask one of our other Moderators who is an RN to add to this conversation. This should happen today.

Please stay strong although I know your health concerns are becoming debilitating to you as time goes on.


June 24, 2015 - 6:45am
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