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Hi there, I am 31 and took my last birth control pill on July 23rd, 2011. Since then I have had two periods. The first cycle was 38 days and the second one was 36 days. However they seemed like a normal period on the first day but then were very light

By Anonymous October 27, 2011 - 1:35pm
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for the next few days, and brown not red. I asked my doctor about it, and she said that since my cycles were so long I probably did not ovulate at all. Is this true, and is this normal after coming off the pill? (I was on it for 15 years and kind of remember having regular cycles before I went on it, but don't remember how long my cycles were..it was a long time ago!). What should I expect from here on? We are trying again this week since I am now on what should techinically be my "fertile days" but I have not noticed any fertile cervical mucus (clear/stretchy), and have being using an ovulation predictor kit for the past 2 days and no smiley face yet! Any suggestions on what would be the best thing to do would be great! Thank-you.

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Thanks so much for getting back to me Susan. Sounds like I need to be more patient. (which is hard!) You had mentioned that ovulation could occur between days 9-23. Is that even if my cycle is that long? I always thought it was only 12-14 days before your next period is due. I guess when I don't really know how long my next cycle is going to be though that would be true. Still no sign of fertile CM on day 22 of my cycle... so I guess I will just keep tracking everything and have regular sex and see what happens for the next few months. Thank-you so much for your help, it's great to have a website like this to get some answers from my living room :)

October 29, 2011 - 7:13am
HERWriter Guide

Hi Anon

Thanks for your question and welcome!

A "normal cycle" is generally anywhere from about 24-32 days (or thereabouts) so to say that you are probably not ovulating at all with a 36 day cycle (that is shorter than the first cycle after your period and bear in mind your next cycle may be even shorter) is a bit of a grand statement.

Some women get pregnant the cycle after they come off the Pill and others can take up to three months to become regular - this may be the case with you.

In terms of what you can expect from here on in, you haven't been off the Pill long enough for anyone to answer that.

The good news is that you had a regular cycle before and your cycle right now is only about a week over the average cycle and you have only been off the pill for 3 months, with two periods under your belt.

For now, keep using the predictor kit and look out for symptoms of ovulation (as you are, which is great) and have sex at least every other day for your two mid-cycle weeks. I know that sounds very calculated but if you are ovulating and a bit irregular, it's likely to be within days 9-23. Remember that sperm doesn't die straight away so having sex every night doesn't have to happen, if you're not feeling up to it.

Give it another couple of cycles before re-evaluating and I hope you return to us with great news! If you are still irregular, let us know and we can look into this more for you!


October 28, 2011 - 4:06pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Susan Cody)

Hi Susan,
I wanted to send an update to my original question and see what you think. So as mentioned I went off the pill near the end of July after being on it for 15 years. We started trying to get pregnant in September. My cycles since then have been 38 days, 36 days, and the last one 31/32 days. (I started spotting on the night of the 31st cycle day). So I'm kind of hoping that I'm getting back to a more "normal" length cycle? So after that period I started using an OPK (a 20 test strip one). The instructions said to use first morning urine and test around same time of day every day. Due to my schedule (I work day shifts and night shifts either 6am-6pm or 6pm-6am) I decided the best time I could do it at home every day would be between 4am-7am. So I tested from cycle day 5 to 21 and they were all negative. :( ! I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow for a regular physical..... does this mean I for sure didn't ovulate? Or maybe I missed the surge? What questions at this point should I be asking my doctor? Thanks !

November 29, 2011 - 9:46am
HERWriter Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hi again Anon

It's good to hear from you again! It does seem like your periods are getting more and more regular which is a good thing. A 32 day cycle is considered in the normal range.

Believe it or not, even if you test daily, you can still miss a surge because it can happen in a 10-12 hour window so testing twice per day may show that you are actually ovulating.

I think it's a good idea to tell your doctor that your tests for ovulation are coming up negative and that you are taking them as advised.

You can discuss other ways with your doctor to find out if you are ovulating, including blood tests and ultrasounds.

Also, has your husband's sperm count been checked?

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow and please keep us updated!


November 29, 2011 - 11:10am
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