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I am not sure my boyfriend is attracted to me. Please help!!!

By bkwrmn06 July 22, 2009 - 11:05pm
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My boyrfriend and I have been together for just a little over 10 months now. We are both divorced and in our very early 30's. Our relationship, for the most part, has been wonderful. We do everything together and talk about everything...we have no secrets from eachother. We have arguments like anyone else but I wouldn't say they are very bad. We have been talking about marriage and having a child together for the last couple months (he brought it up) and I think he is going to propose soon. (I overheard him talking about the ring.) However, our sex life has been the exception to everything else in our relationship. I love making love with him but he acts like he really doesn't care about it. For example, we are both in bed relaxed and i start kissing on him, he will make up an excuse as to why he doesn't want to make love with me, ie im too tired, have bladder infection, headache, stressed etc. It is never about getting in the mood, the idea is cut off right from the start. We had not made love for about 3 weeks and when we tried, he couldn't get an erection. No big deal, we cuddled and I assured him it was fine...it happens. A few days later, same thing, couldn't get erect at all. That was a week and a half ago. We tried tonite and still nothing. I asked him if he is masturbating and he said he has and last time was four days ago. He had no problem getting an erection or ejaculating then, so there probably isnt anything wrong with him. I feel like he is not attracted to me at all. He doesn't look at me with desire, even when I am naked, and he doesn't touch me in sexual ways unless we were making love. He tells me he IS attracted to me and it's not me it's him. I love this man sooo much and I want to marry him more than anything in the world but I am not sure that I can go the rest of my life without having sex. Please somebody give me some advice..I am desperate.

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EmpowHER Guest

I've been with my bf for less than a year. Started staying in with him after 8 mths. Initially, our sex life was great when he had to come to my place to see me and I couldn't stay over at his place every night. After I had moved in with him, things changed drastically. He is no longer aroused when he's with me, not like before. I'm hurt and I tried understanding why. 95% of the times I have to initiate sex. Is he no longer interested in me or is he just too stressed at work?

February 6, 2016 - 7:47am
EmpowHER Guest

I'm in a really similar situation and have been trying to figure out what's wrong. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years. He says he loves me and is very attracted to me, that I am the most beautiful woman in the world etc. but his actions don't line up. He is really affectionate and is always kissing and touching me, but never in a more sexual way. If I try to start making out and touch his body more suggestively he will pull away and start doing something else as if he didn't get what I was implying. He never looks at me with desire when I'm naked, he laughs or shrugs it off if I send him flirty texts or sexy pictures. He's really awkward and doesn't seem to understand my usually very obvious attempts to turn him on, or maybe he's just pretending so we don't have to have sex. Sometimes I have to come out and say the words, and then he'll usually act annoyed like it's a bother and say he's too tired or has a headache, all the usual excuses. It makes me feel so unsexy and unwanted, and the thing is it's been this way since the beginning! But when we do have sex it IS great, he always comes and seems to enjoy it, and he takes care of me and makes sure I am satisfied too. We have talked about it and I almost broke up with him over it and now he is trying to make an effort to have more sex. But that doesn't feel good either because I want him to naturally be turned on my me, not to have to "try"!! So now when we have sex I feel like he is just doing it out of pity or whatever, which doesn't get ME turned on. He says the words and tries to start foreplay but I just don't believe that he is actually sexually attracted. What is the problem?! Are we just mismatched, does he have a low libido, is he maybe even asexual?! It makes me really frustrated :(

January 21, 2016 - 6:08pm

I'm having the same me and my fiance have been together for almost 2 years we have good days and bad he makes me happy and I think I make him happy but we can go weeks without sex, and it kills me I need it to relieve stress and he will say he's not in the mood tired we will tomorrow etc. But then when we do he doesn't look at my body he never looks at me desirably he aims to cum and were done he will even masterbate after sex and not cm if he's looking at me. but will if I leave ,I feel as he thinks of another woman. He has a history of watching porn in secret I don't like it bc he looks up woman with bigger breast and bigger butt than I have EVERY SINGLE TIME. They are always more beautiful than.me a perfect body, its made me insecure he says he lives my body but ive never seen him look up someone like me.Like I feel that's what he wants I'm just what he ha.s he will lie when he has been on it try to hide it he has taken my phone while I was asleep in the shower even right beside me and told me he was downloading music but he was watching porn. I feel like if you can fantasize about another woman he will cheat in person. Ive caught him looking at woma s boobs and butt. he has watched it on his mom's phone in public while she left the car he says he did just to look but I'm so insecure now he's showed me what he thinks is sexy and I'm not that I don't feel sexy I don't feel like he likes my body but he tells me he loves it we have a 7 mnth old daughter together he wants to stay together bc he "loves" me and doesn't want to lose her but I don't want to be with a liar that continues to fantasize about another woman he has rejected me and then watched porn. Idk what to do I did want to marry him he has told me continually be will stop and change it takes three months and again. Then He will blame it bc I did something someone please help me

January 20, 2016 - 5:47pm
EmpowHER Guest

I met my boyfriend because i initiated sex with him before we even started dating. eventually after being friends with benefits (of me initiating sex) He kind of asked me about dating and we became committed. At first we did have sex quite a bit. He would get jealous of guys i used to be with and he acted like he wanted to hang out all the time. I could always tell that he was hiding something though. I could tell he wasnt really that attracted to me. All of the girls on his face book and instagram are so beautiful and i felt like he always wished i was smaller like them. I am five ft. 8 and weigh between 150 and 155. I wouldnt say i ugly but i am def not like the girls he seems to be attracted to. I noticed slowly he wasnt interested in sex as much. I also found porn on his computer. he also tried hiding that he hung out with some other girl he had sex with a long time ago that is now with his friend. But she is very pretty. He never wants to take me out to dinner or on a date. He never wants to pay me back when i barrow him money. He is handsome but not anything out of the ordinary. he seems distant and i try talking with him about it and he gets mad. When i ask him if hes attracted to me he gets mad and he says he thinks i am. but why doesnt he want sex anymore? he never compliments me. He seems disinterested in anything romantic or sexual. he never plans anything nice for me. he never talks to me much about anything. i love him so much. i just dont know what to do anymore.

January 20, 2016 - 10:44am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

It doesn't really sound like he is interested in being in a relationship with you anymore. He is clearly showing you with his actions. I would say he saying it with his words but it doesn't seem like the two of you seak much. He shows you no love nor affection and borrows money and never pays back, when you try to open up and speak to him about concerns that you have about your relationship he gets made! Have you ever taken into consideration that maybe he is just around for convenience. You love so much and it doesn't appear that he feels the same. You deserve to be loved as much as you love others.

January 29, 2016 - 4:01am
EmpowHER Guest

I was in a similar situation right up until yesterday. Me and my boyfriend of 8 months have always had slightly awkward sex. He will kiss for ages, but has no interest in foreplay. I could stand naked in front of him and he wouldn't bat an eyelid, he never touched my breasts much and didn't seem to care about anything other than getting his penis in me. It hurt my feelings quite a lot, and made me feel like he wasn't attracted to me. What was worse; he would try and have normal conversations during sex, he wouldn't turn down the TV and wouldn't even put his dog out the room - it was VERY awkward for me. He came every time from having sex, but never seemed to care about getting me off. He called me bossy if I ever asked him to do anything. One night I asked him what was wrong and he didn't seem to even know what I was talking about, he said sex with me was great and he saw no problem with it. In the end, I broke up with him, because I know how good sex can be if it's with someone who IS obviously attracted to you and makes the effort to show you this through actions when you get intimate. I decided I didn't want to give up good sex forever, despite how much I liked my boyfriend.

My advice to you is that you need to make a choice. It may not be that he's not attracted to you, it may be because he's inexperienced or even selfish in bed. The nicest people in the world can be extremely selfish in bed. Whatever the case, if it hasn't improved after 10 months it isn't going to now. You need to make a choice; a lifetime with someone YOU love, but who makes you feel unattractive and won't satisfy you sexually, or leave him and take the chance to find someone who will make the effort for you.

Either way, you'd better do it soon. Life is short and the sooner you make the decision the sooner you can learn to live with your choice and accept a none-psychical relationship, or move forwards and make a new connection.

December 6, 2015 - 5:51pm

I'm in the same situation with my boyfriend of 2 years. He is 8 years older than me. Sometimes I feel like he is not attracted to me at all. He tells me he loves me and he shows me at times but when he is mad he is a totally different person. When we have sex , it's amazing for me but we. I look at hI'm he looks bored. It makes me think that he is cheating on me or is not attracted to me anymore. I've caught him look g for women on craigslist recently. Therés times when we dony have sex for five days straight. I have to seduce him so we can have sex. I Dont know what to do. I love him and I don't want to leave him.

November 21, 2015 - 3:25pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Kappatau1)

Honey five days isnt unusual. Over time sex changes in relationships it gets less and less over time. And if he seems bored he probably is. U suggest you just just don't try to seduce him anymore just don't have sex at all unless he insitates it. Then he will start to wonder after about 2 weeks he will gthink the same you do so he will trying if he's actually attracted to you he will try. If you stop insitating it and a month or two passes and he doesn't try to touch or anything then that means he not attrackted to you and he's happier not having sex with you. Guys aren't hard to read if they don't seem interested they normally arent. I'm sorry if this hurt your feelings but someone needs to tell you the truth

January 24, 2016 - 4:04am
EmpowHER Guest

I am in a similar situation. we have been together almost 3 years now, we have known each other our whole lives. he proposed to me over a year ago but about 6 months ago he broke up with me because i was struggling with depression and anxiety etc. i caught him watching porn several times and looking at nudes etc but he NEVER wanted me (when i told him from the start i think that is cheating since he is ONLY using porn) he would stay up late and do that crap while i was asleep and when i would try to make a move he would just push me off. He finally admitted that he isnt as attracted to me because i have put on weight since we got together. it crushed me. i love this man with everything in me, we have a home and life together. he is so mean when we fight and i swear it is so i will go in the other room and cry. there is never any remorse for making me feel so horrible or making me cry. i dont think he loves me. and i dont know how to handle it, they say just leave him. but it isnt that easy. sounds dumb, but it isnt.

Please help

November 13, 2015 - 3:26pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

I'm in the exact same situation. Except he hasn't admitted to me that it's cause I put on a little weight since we began dating. But when I read what you wrote I felt sick to my stomach. That hurts to think he might feel that way but that's gotta be the explanation for why he doesn't touch me.
I'm just curious what you decided to do about it or how it's going so far?
I just have no one else to talk to.

November 28, 2015 - 7:23pm
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