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idiopathic peripheral neuropathy

By December 25, 2009 - 4:16pm
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had 3 times a classic lumbar(1st-L4-L5-S1,2nd-L5-S1,3rd-L5-S1 after 31 day again) spine surgery and after 2-nd received hospital infection and sepsis, which is not identify in the hospital, i was sent home,despite the unbearable pain. the doctors said that the pain is normally caused by 2nd spinal surgery L5-S1 and during stay in hospital they gave me pain pills and injections, and then release from the hospital . After arriving home when the medicines and injections yielded "Could not Breathe of pain"(it was infection).then again after thirty days 3rd URGENT operated the way because they saw the picture of magnetic resonance MRI, which I made (picture shown inflammation or infection of the spine Hospital). After 3rd surgery I passed the hospital treatment of infection intravenous (bombs of drugs) and subsequently with antibiotics according to the instructions the doctor, wearing corset for fixation of the spine 6 months, passed a variety of rehabilitation centers .i swimm and exercise following instructions of physiatrists and physical therapists, however, the situation is not improving spine, but going up and begins to feel the following sensations: annealing in the legs and hands, burning sensation, tingling, spasms and muscle weakness, poor sensation in the skin, literally "shoot" all the joints of the foot to the shoulder, balance disturbances, muscle weakness and muscle around the neck skeleton, bones crunch appears to PES CAVUS feet (concave feet), difficulty walking, and we fully functioning, I have constant pain ... again go to the neurological emergency treatment in hospital. I was diagnosed senzomotorna polyneuropathy (POLINEUROPATIA SENSOMOTORIA) and made a very extensive neurological processing of blood index, fluid treatment, folic acid, vitamin B12, a genetic search to the hereditary neuropathy Charcot Marie TOOTH-CMT1A/HNPP , beta2-mikroglobulin, ACE, various cancer tests, fibrinogen,electrophoresis and immunoelectrophoresis of proteins , serology in syphilis, anti-HCV, various immunological tests, serology neurotrophic viruses in the fluid, serology at the neurotrophic viruses in serum, burgdofers in fluid and serum, molecular genetic analysis on FRIEDREREICH ataxia, profile izoforms transferina, molecular genetic analysis in ataxia spinocelebral .... All tests are NEGATIVE! At the end of the neural processing of polyneuropathy in discharge summary described as idiopathic, but in conversation with doctor which led me to get a response is the conclusion of the whole team who carried out the processing that is caused by surgerys,hospital infection and sepsis? Of course it is not written anywhere! approaches and the latest findings EMNG's so if someone knows something about how I begged the answer also.

EMNG says - chronic neural lesions in the foot muscles and the ankle, more to the right, lesions in the front thigh muscles, lesions in hand. Enforcement n. peroneus is on border, distal latency n. extended median, h reflex in m. soleus of reduced voltage, more to the right. EMNG shows distal motor axon illness to overlap with chronic radikulopathy s1, l5 more right.
Please help - as you can read a this is my big fight, my legs and muscles are week, I do not know how solve this health problem.. i am trying to bring myself in a functional state that can do a job and want to somehow exit the hell of life so much and start to live normally and work!

1.-generally any useful information on polyneuropathy, whether it can be cured (if not, how to treat)
2.-aid type of therapy for the polyneuropathy, reducing pain, etc.
3.-physical methods of rehabilitation and quality rehabilitation centers for this type of problem in the country and abroad, if someone has the knowledge (where I live is poor physical rehabilitation - absolute zero, all the patients inserted in the same cage, doing the same exercises regardless of the problem DISASTER-and shame the same time)
4.-What is the distal motor axons illness, if someone could comment on the professional
5.-any possible diagnosis should still make for better troubleshooting
6.-what kind of drug therapy use
7.-suggestions for therapeutic coolant polineuropathy or electricity, etc., which helps reduce pain
8.-an alternative that can help in this case (teas, diet, fat, devices for pain .... all of which helps)
Also i' am afraid of genetic diseases--is this CMT disease with this test excluded because i am planning baby (i' am male 37 yrs),none in my family has CMT.
Thank's in advance

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Hi Archibaldam

You gave us a lot of information, and you asked for a lot of information! So the final diagnosis is polyneuropathy? Are they certain you cleared that infection? Are you on any medications? There are medications that can lessen nerve pain. There are also implantable devices that are sort of like pacemakers, but they electrically stimulate your spine and/or spinal nerve which can make a big difference.

There are implantable pumps that administer small amounts of pain medication or muscle relaxing medication into your spin at a steady rate which can really help. Those both require a small surgery, and are usually for people with intractable pain or spasming.

Are you having weakness and dysfunction? Are you able to walk properly and get through the day? What is your biggest problem at this time? Clearly your problem isn't just lumbar/sacral spine if you are having problems with your hands as well. Let's try to take the biggest problem first, and go from there.

Have you had an MRI of your brain? If you can let us know specifically what the most important issue is for you at this time, we can find resources for you one chunk at a time.

Thank you for writing. I have a background in ortho and neuroscience nursing, so hopefully I can at least help point you toward some resources.

July 21, 2010 - 6:59am
(reply to Cary Cook BSN RN)

dear Cary Cook !
thanks a lot for your interesting for my case (deep from my heart,still is not broken because i am huge fighter,but sometimes you come in front of wall in your life, and then trying to find out how to pass or jump over)
unfortunatelly my homelanguage is not english (i apologize in advance for some mistakes in writing,so i will try to give my best answer).doctors are sure i cleared infection and told me to forget infection and sepsis because that is behind me.first i used neurontin for my neuropatic pain,but doctors neurologists rapidly increased doses of drug (they said for this kind of chronic pain can be max. dose 3600 mg of neurontin.now i am using LYRICA for 8 months to stop pain ,it's helping a bit better than neurontin,but i have huge weakness of whole body and lot of sideeffects.and i am wondering is it from LYRICA (have muscle spasms also,pain in my neck)?i am not able to walk properly and get through the day,and have problem with balance also.they done EMNG of my legs and hands also few times,and i pass through detailed neurology hospital treatment (all can be done in my country,as you seen they done genetic search to the hereditary neuropathy Charcot Marie TOOTH-CMT1A/HNPP ).so that is still enigma because doctors said that test cover 80% of possibility of CHARCOT),i am wondering how to exclude rest 20%(no one in my family has CHARCOT,,mother has some weakness constantly and that is for me suspicious to be honest but doctors seen her during i was in hospital and said she is ok,she is 60 yrs ols and whole day working around with any problems.as well i have folliculitiss decalvans and also i had extensive hospital (best dermatology clinic in state) processing for this problem and doctors not found reason for this (they even not found staphylococcus aureus which cause this).now one more factor in my blood test is constantly big.that is IgE---it is between 750 and 900 constantly(one enigma more,i'done alergic tests and rheumatoid tests--all negative).i 've done new MRI (neck and lumbar part) 2 months ago and it's good.also i've done new EMNG.
so now i will answer on the part where you me asking for my biggest problem.sorry but there are more problems.
1 i have huge weakness of my muscles (i can not carry my body)
2 problem with balance (weakness in foot and joints)
3 i am limited with walking because i have pes escavatus of both foots and spasms of foots (i bought various orthopedic insoles,but not helping a lot,and MBT shoes)
4pain in whole bonds,specially in joints,biggest pain in foot joint
5neck weakness
6as well weakness of my hands and shoulders and back
so if you have some advice for more hospital researches,or if you can conclude something from this story considering your experience please let me know (i would be very grateful).also i can write my EMNG results and MRI analasyis if is necessary and all details you need.to be honnest i am scared of some neuromuscular disease !!
best regards and once more many thanks dear Cary

July 22, 2010 - 4:19pm

sorry susan and alison ?
still didn't answer my post, it was long time ago.

July 20, 2010 - 5:58pm
HERWriter Guide

Dear Archibaldam

Your English is excellent so don't worry about that!

We have submitted your question to an expert and we await his response but since it's the holiday season, we may have to wait several days.

In addition, since you're in Europe, we will have difficulties referring to you to a clinic or hospital but let's see what our expert says first.

Happy new year :)

December 28, 2009 - 12:41pm
(reply to Susan Cody)

Susan first-thanks a lot,i believe my state of living want be big problem because i believe in your experts and they opinions,conclusions,and suggestions,anyhow i believe they probably cooperate with colleagues from europe (congress meetings..)and know best clinics in europe i can try to solve my health problem...as well i wish you Happy new year :) and lot of health in your life !!!
best regards !!!

December 28, 2009 - 3:55pm
HERWriter Guide

Dear Archibaldam

Thank you for your question. I know you must be very anxious for answers to end all this pain you are in. We are currently trying to locate an expert to help you with your situation. Your condition is very complex and your medical history quite extensive so it becomes quite difficult to locate some answers because a medical expert might need full access to your medical history in order to provide some concrete help.

Can you let us know where you are living in order for us to continue our search for you. Are you in the United States? Giving us the state would help a lot and we can go from there.

We really appreciated your patience!

December 26, 2009 - 11:54am
(reply to Susan Cody)

dear susan cody !!!
considering my english you may conclude i am not from us i am from europe (as well i know a lot very clever, open minded, honest and charming people from ireland and i beliveve you are too).as you can read i am in deep health trouble and trying to find out solution for recovering of my health problem.so my state is the part of europe and my born language is not english but i am huge fighter for life and trying to get quality answers from medicine experts.finally i am from croatia (i don t know have you heard for my country but we have a lot famous players in NBA,as well most beautiful part of land on earth and so on..so at the and i believe in you and people who will "study my case" to find out best for me,,type of phisical therapy,,all kinds of sugestions....thanks in advance,,i am trying to stood on my legs again..best regards from archibaldam!!!if you need more information--no problem !!!

December 27, 2009 - 6:23pm
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