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late periods

By November 19, 2009 - 5:32am
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could i be pregnant now? my LMP was on October 17th 2009. my average menstural cycle is 31 days.

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HERWriter Guide

Hi again vidhyas

Well, that's good news that you can get pregnant (at least once!) and that your husband obviously doesn't have fertility issues either.

However, there is something known as the secondary infertility "sophomore curse" when it comes to having babies. Some couple have a first baby pretty easily and then have great difficulty conceiving another. I know several couples who have faced this.

One of our readers wrote about secondary infertility on Empowher. You can read the article here : http://www.empowher.com/news/herarticle/2009/04/03/fertility-you-age

Here is another short article on fertility myths that includes secondary infertility : http://www.empowher.com/news/herarticle/2009/08/14/five-fertility-myths-debunked?page=0,1

and lastly, take a look at this quick video of a woman talking about how she could not get pregnant a second time : http://www.empowher.com/news/herarticle/2009/10/16/secondary-infertility

How old are you vidhyas? If you are now over 35, this may be a factor in why you are having difficulties. But either way, 12 months of unsuccessful conception needs a closer look and I think it's a good idea to talk to your doctor. Additionally, it's a good idea for your husband to get checked out, as men's bodies also change over time.

Please let us know your progress and I do hope you can get pregnant soon.

November 21, 2009 - 12:39pm
(reply to Susan Cody)

I am 32yrs old and my husband is 42yrs old. Erection for a longer time seems to be a difficult task for my husband. His semen is so thick and milky white and the amount which comes out is very less. We consulted an Indian Ayurveda doctor and she prescribed some medicines for vitality, motility and general immunity. Lets hope for the best.

November 21, 2009 - 9:14pm
(reply to vidhyas)


Can you tell us what medicines the Indian Ayurveda doctor provided you (or your husband)?

I am wondering why you mentioned your husband's semen as being thick, milky white and low in volume--is this your perception or has your husband been evaluated by a medical doctor? As you know, semen should be milky white, but it being "thick" should be evaluated by a medical doctor if you and he are concerned about it. Did the Indian Ayurveda doctor physically evaluate your husband, or just prescribe medicines based on verbal reports?

November 22, 2009 - 8:31am
(reply to Alison Beaver)

My husband was not examined physically. based on verbal reports and based on reading the pulse because that's how Ayurveda doctors do, she gave certain medicines. She gave the following medicines 1] Ashwagandha legiyam 2] Ashwagandha Aristram 3] Vidari Gandhadhi Legiyam 4] Ajamanja Rajayam. We went to consult the doctor because my husband was not able to maintain erection for a longer time and he also had the complaint of pre-mature ejaculation. So we wanted to know if it is a medical problem or can this be corrected by certain food item. The doctor is my student. I own an English Academy and i take classes for communication skills, soft skills and Spoken Hindi. Since i got an Ayurveda doctor as my student i felt more comfortable to discuss things with her

November 22, 2009 - 8:17pm
(reply to vidhyas)

This is very interesting---thank you for replying with the information!

I will be very interested to hear if these supplements help your husband.

Please also know that pre-mature ejaculation and inability to maintain erections are, indeed, medical conditions, and should be physically evaluated by a qualified medical practitioner. I believe that many times we can use herbal supplements, such as the Ayurveda medicines, as well as changing our diets and other lifestyle factors to help treat medical conditions, but I also believe that it is important to have the symptoms physically evaluated by a medical doctor to rule out any medical conditions. Having symptoms physically evaluated by a medical doctor, and then using Ayurveda medicines can both be utilized as options (it does not have to be a choice of one versus the other; I do understand that you may only want to go the natural healing route). If you choose to use both physical medical evaluation as well as Ayurveda medicines, then your husband will be well-informed and can choose what supplements or other treatment options are best for him.

Lastly, you mentioned that you feel comfortable discussing these very personal things with the Ayurveda doctor because she is a student of yours, and I hope you also chose this doctor because she was highly qualified, experienced in men's health, provided service to many other patients in this specialized area, and were able to check her credentials? This way, you have the best of both worlds: someone recognized and qualified professionally, PLUS, whom you personally know, like and respect.

You can also find a board certified holistic/integrative doctor (ayurveda is included in this category) online (or check your current doctor's board certified status):
- Holistic Medicine: Find a Doctor
- Naturopathic Doctor: Find a Physician

Hope this helps!

November 22, 2009 - 8:28pm
HERWriter Guide

Hi vidhyas

I'm so sorry you didn't get the news you wanted. It's very disappointing to want a baby so much and then to keep finding out you're not pregnant.

Here is a short video with some tips when trying to get pregnant :


Keep mindful of your menstrual cycle (it sounds like you are, already) and I think it's a good idea to see a doctor about this. It is recommended that a woman under 35 should see a doctor if she has not conceived within 12 months of actively trying, and if she is over 35, she should see a doctor by 6 months. Your husband will also need to be tested, to see if either of you have an issue with infertility.

We wish you the very best and I do hope you have good news for us soon. Will you keep us updated?

November 21, 2009 - 7:23am
(reply to Susan Cody)

Thanks for your prompt reply. Iam trying for my second child. i have a 6yr old son. we wanted to go for the second one so we were trying for the past 1yr. can infertility strike a person only for the second child? pl give me your opinion

November 21, 2009 - 11:34am

The only way to know for sure is to take a home pregnancy test, or call your doctor and have a pregnancy test conducted in-office (HPT are 99% effective when taken after a missed period, and much cheaper and accessible!).

Women experience late or missed periods for many reasons, and with no other information provided, the only suggestion we can make is to take a HPT. Please write back and let us know the results!

November 19, 2009 - 2:49pm
(reply to Alison Beaver)

i got my periods today. I am so upset. I have been trying to conceive for the past one year and each month i end up getting my periods. Can u give me tips to conceive fast?

November 21, 2009 - 3:25am
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