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One period every year and a half?

By January 30, 2010 - 3:37pm
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I'm almost seventeen years old. I had my first period when I was twelve. Until I was fourteen, I was pretty regular. From then, I've had one period every year and a half. I don't have a female doctor yet, and my parents don't have the time to take me to one. Mom says that it's not a big deal. I'm still concerned, though. Could there be something wrong with my hormones or something?

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I had the same problem im 19. I started my period when i was 13 and i would have ...well.....ill give u an example: I started in, lets say, May, normal lasted 5 days then i would have one again till july...Thats how i was then my mom took me to the doctor and they put me on birthcontrol and i was on it till i was 18 and my periods are just fine now..I dnt think u have anything to worry about tho

January 31, 2010 - 8:53pm
(reply to starr90)

Hi starr90,
Thanks for sharing! It is very common for teenagers, when they first get their period, to have very irregular periods, including skipping a month or two. What may be concerning for this young women who originally posted the question is that she was regular for some time, then there has been a change, and she only gets a period every 18 months. As Susan said above, this could be normal for her, but should be medically evaluated (if any other teens are going through this), as it could indicate an underlying medical condition, and it's best to have it checked out.

It was great that your mom took you to the doctor, and that is all Susan is suggesting above, that the girl's mom take her concerns seriously (she said she was too busy) and take her to the doctor, just to rule out medical causes and help ease her mind.

I'm glad you are doing good!

January 31, 2010 - 9:30pm
HERWriter Guide

Dear Noraconverse

Thanks for your question and welcome!

With all due respect to your mom, I'll have to disagree with her in that it might be "a big deal" or if not a big one, a "deal" nonetheless!

The fact that the first two years of your period were quite regular and then went to only two a year is something that should be checked out. You may indeed have a hormonal condition that needs to be seen to, or you may have a condition called endometriosis. You can click on that word to learn more.

In addition, I have a couple of questions for you that your doctor may always ask you (it's not a reflection on you as a person, it's standard to ask these!)

Do you diet excessively? Are you a yo-yo dieter or have you ever gone very hungry to keep your weight down?
Do you take any drugs?
Do you exercise really hard? Like marathon or cross country training, or excessive time on work-out machines?
Do you have a very stressful life?

All of these could be a factor in your lack of periods.

I would suggest to you that you talk again to you mom. You may not have to see an OB/GYN, your pediatrician may suffice, but if your belly or head or hearing was badly affected for some reason, then I'm sure your mom would take you to the doctor. Your reproductive system is just as important and should not be considered "unimportant"
simply because she may be embarrassed to talk to you about it.

So it really could all be down to "growing pains" and your system taking a long time to establish a routine. However, since you had a nice routine going every month for two years, this drastic decrease down to two a year definitely needs to be checked into.

If your mom refuses, you can possibly make your own appointment, depending on your state laws and you can call the doctors office to check. If your parents "don't have the time to take you to a doctor", I'm a bit concerned. You deserve to have your health care/needs met by your parents and their failure to do so because they are busy is not an excuse or an explanation. Parents with two or three jobs make time for their kids healthcare needs. This is what parenting is all about. I'm sure they are very good parents but they may be failing in this area and a sit down chat with them might be important so that they really understand your concerns and worries.

How close are you to being 18?

January 30, 2010 - 6:13pm
(reply to Susan Cody)

I don't diet, no drugs, and no major exercising. I do, however, have a moderate amount of stress. I take a lot of AP classes, and I compete with academic stuff and practice until six or seven at night, before coming home to do homework and clean or heading out to our church house.

Mom said that she figured it was because I was still a teenager, and that it would even as I got older. They don't mean to neglect my health--I mean, if we were sick or hurt, Mom and Dad would make time to take us to the E.R. or our checkups. This just doesn't redflag them. I'll sit down and talk to them, though. I hate bugging them about it because they've got so much on their plate.

I'll be eighteen in March of 2011.

Thank you for answering!

January 30, 2010 - 6:44pm
HERWriter Guide (reply to noraconverse)

I totally understand! I'm a mom of three very small kids myself and I know how overwhelming it can be for us parent-types these days, with kids, work and tons of committments.

A sit-down with them may be just the ticket but I would not put this off much longer. I'm sure once they know your worries, they'll set up an appointment.

Keep us posted and best in health to you!


January 30, 2010 - 6:57pm
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