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Pregnant, stressed or late period?

By March 27, 2010 - 6:09am
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I've never had sex, but 3 weeks ago on March 7th, I was fingered, my companion and I were both aroused and he had put his hand down his trousers beforehand, he was erect, he didn't ejaculate though - I worry that he might have gotten sperm on his fingers before touching me.
I have looked many times on the internet and seen that you can get pregnant this way, and looking back on it, I was not bleeding at the time, but I was still ovulating when he did it.

I've seen that the chances of getting pregnant from having unprotected sex is still rather slim ( though risky still ) so I hope that in what I did, the chances would be slimmer, I tried to comfort myself with that and calm myself down, but I've got an immense headache and found I often want to cry because I'm so stressed about it; I'm 3 days late of when I expected my period to start, usually it's from 30-40, but the mode occurance is 32, it's now the 35th day and still nothing yet. With this much stress I wonder if I'm just delaying it, - I'm a twin and my sister said she's once missed her period entierly because of stress, so genetically, I expect the same could happen to me. That's not something I want to do considering my circumstances, but I can't help stressing about it. Especially when on the 40th day of when my period might start, it's my birthday. My periods are very heavy and very very painful in comparason to most girls my age ( 17 ) So I don't want it to start then and ruin the day.

I work out alot, recently I've been doing alot of stomach crunches and situps ( I bodybuild and almost have a six pack - yes, I'm an odd person ) I've been getting some mild occasional cramps, and I feel like I should be on now, no blood however, so I wonder if it's just me mistaking muscle ache for mild period cramps.

I really do not want anyone to know about this and my time table is hectic as it is, so visiting a doctor or getting a test from a chemist without being suspicious will be difficult.

Any sort of help? <:( what are the chances of me being pregnant?

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EmpowHER Guest

Hi Paranoid,

You can try the test once you miss your period. I find in my experience that when I think I am pregnant, I get a bit stressed, buy a test, it comes out negative and I start my period the following day. :-) It is as if my fear makes my period late and once I know, the stress is gone and my body returns to normal.

This may calm your fears, so take a test and see what the results are. If you have a Dollar Store by you, you can usually purchase them for only $1.00 plus tax but are commonly hidden behind the counter so you may have to ask for one.

Keep us posted on the results. Good Luck!

March 27, 2010 - 9:05am
(reply to Anonymous)

Thankyou! Do you know if the higher priced ones are more accurate? After half listening to adverts about them, I wonder if accuracy is a problem with these things.

March 27, 2010 - 3:15pm
HERWriter Guide (reply to paranoid1)

Just take any test you feel comfortable with. Some people are fine with dollar store ones, others prefer brand names. Try not to over think everything or you'll drive yourself mad with worry! Just take any test and you'll have your answer, take it at any time of the day or night and take it when you feel ready!

Take care!

March 27, 2010 - 4:41pm
(reply to Susan Cody)

My period's started now on the 36th day. Not as strong as usual, but it's there. Thankyou for your help!

March 28, 2010 - 2:20pm
HERWriter Guide

Hi Paranoid1

Thanks for your question and welcome!

Since your cycle is between 30 and 40 days, don't worry just yet! You are correct in that your risk is minimal (no guarantees however) so just wait it out or take a test. If you have time to fool around with your boyfriend, you have time to spend a minute at a shop/store to grab a test. Nobody is that busy! It is not a chemists business about what your purchase. Do they sell them at the grocery store where you live?

Your symptoms may be from exercise, your period coming or from stress.

So take a test or wait it out. I suspect you'll be getting your period any day now!

Take care and keep us updated!

March 27, 2010 - 6:40am
(reply to Susan Cody)

Thankyou very much. I assume they do - I've never looked. I'm a little unsure on the time I should take the test - does it matter? Can I wait it out till the 40th day and then take the test? Or is there a time limit?

I shall keep you updated.

March 27, 2010 - 7:33am
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