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Is She A 'Monster'?

By March 13, 2008 - 9:10am
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Do you think Ashley Alexandre Dupre, the woman accused of sleeping with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, a monster?

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Yikes, since when is a young woman who sleeps around or even becomes a prostitute a monster? I don't think it's the best choice, but that's her business. Spitzer found her and paid her; I'm pretty sure she didn't go knocking on doors looking for clients.

Spitzer is an irresponsible, egotistical, controlling man. He is the home-wrecker; he broke the vows to his wife and family; he chose to risk his family, career and reputation for a piece. As far as I can tell, she didn't break any vows. He did. The responsibility for this and all its ramifications fall squarely on Spitzer's shoulders.

As for why his wife stays, who can say? I would say that I'd like to see one politician's wife who says to her cheating husband, "Maybe we can work this out, and maybe we can't, but until we work through a lot more privately, I cannot and will not stand two paces behind you to the left with a pained look on my face in your 'support'. Your public persona is your job and your responsibility, not mine."

April 15, 2008 - 7:59am
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Ok, that's just a country tune!

No, she isn't a monster. Child molesters are monsters.

Is she a home wrecker? No, Spitzer is. His own.

She now has had millions of hits on her Myspace page, her 'music' is on the radio and Playboy and Penthouse are calling. She's on her little gravy train now but it won't last. And a tough childhood is not an excuse for anything.

Why did Spitzer do it? Don't know, only he does. Instant gratification, the thrill and the danger, ego, a sense of entitlement. The list could be endless. Maybe he's just a rotten cheating rat with no regard for his wife, his kids or his job.

Why does Mrs. S stand by her man? Well, she's doing it in public. I guarantee you his home life is another story. I know why Hillary Clinton did it. She knew back then she'd run for the senate and ultimately the presidency. She had an agenda and good for her if it was the right thing for HER. The (male) Governor of New Jersey - Jim McGreevey was caught having an affair with a male employee and his wife stood by him - on camera. They then split and he is living with his partner and I'm happy for him, that he can live as a gay man in the open. However he was a rotten cheating husband (and not a great politician either but that's just me!) and his wife then slated him on the talk show circuits as she was selling her tell-all book. He wrote one too.

So these women have their agendas. I think most of them are desperate to protect their children. Some have political aspirations of their own. But none of them are stupid. So unless they tell us, it'll remain a head-scratching mystery.

March 16, 2008 - 5:56am

Can a 22-year old woman be a monster? Because she "sold herself for sex"? Or, because she slept with a married man?

Either of those scenarios, and we would be categorizing many women (and men!) as "monsters".

Sounds like she is getting a lot of publicity, and as a self-proclaimed musician, it may help her career. Or, it may not. She sounds as though she had a rough childhood, as have many other people who make healthy and unhealthy decisions.

I think the real quesion is: Is Spitzer a monster? He really screwed up, and I'm not sure what the psychology is behind men who cheat on their wives with prostitutes; is it a control-over-women thing? Cheating is not uncommon, but I guess the media made this into a "scandal" to make it more exciting.

Spitzer's wife looks (fill in the blank; any negative emotion will do). What is her motivation for standing beside her husband?! What would you do in that situation?

March 13, 2008 - 1:32pm
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