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ask: What is the likliness of a 20 year old female having a heart attack?

By Anonymous
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- 2o year old female
- had an EKG done recently and they said it came backgood
- was at hospital for chest pain they said it was chest wall pain, but now it feels like im having sharp pains in my back (top of my back)
- but feels like i was having some pain in the neck at the side i don;t know if its bc im thinking of it bc they said if any signs liek that occured to go to ER again or call 911
- also have anxiety/panic attacks

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EmpowHER Guest

Hi im Jen, 24 yrs old female. I suffered from left chest pain. Sharp left chest pain. I had 2D echo test the result is normal. I visit so many doctors but they said it is only a hyperacidity. Last month i go to er may body is shaking , they say may bp is 150/90 .. Is that a sign of heart problem?

June 12, 2015 - 5:35pm
Maryann Gromisch RN Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hello Jen,

Of these many doctors that you have consulted, is one of them a gastroenterologist? Have you had an upper endoscopy? Have you been diagnosed with acid reflux disease?

A blood pressure reading of 150/90 is high but in your situation could be related more to anxiety than hypertension.


June 15, 2015 - 9:17am
EmpowHER Guest

I'm a 20 year old female.. experiencing some chest pain right in the center of my chest and I had some pain radiate down my right arm. I started feeling a bit nauseous and tired later on. The pain lasted maybe 5 minutes and then went away. I didn't go to the ER. There is family history of heart problems. But could I just be over thinking it?

April 27, 2015 - 2:58pm
Catherine Simpson (reply to Anonymous)

These symptoms are consistent with Angina which is a heart problem. As a Qualified First Aider if you described these symptoms to me I would call you an ambulance. Please go to a doctor and tell them about these symptoms. You have a family history of heart problems so that does increase your risk. This does not mean that it is a heart problem but it is far too risky to just wait and see. Today a Melbourne footballer died after a heart attack and he was 22 years old.

May 31, 2015 - 6:27am
Susan Cody HERWriter Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hi Anon

Some people your age do have heart problems - some of them genetic so it's not a stretch to think something may be wrong, However, heart disease at your age is not common at all. 

Do you ever suffer from panic attacks - these can very much mimic heart attacks as can serious bouts of heartburn. 

If this happens again, I think you should consult your doctor. Just to be on the safe side. 



April 27, 2015 - 3:12pm
EmpowHER Guest

I woke up with chest pain under my breast and i feel i can't hold my grip and my arm hurts alot and my ear and eyes feel like an elephant sitting on them and headache what can it be ??

February 11, 2015 - 5:17am
Maryann Gromisch RN Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hello Anonymous,

Are you still having these symptoms? If you do and they have worsened, call your primary care physician immediately or get someone to drive you to the ER of your local hospital.


February 12, 2015 - 10:32am
EmpowHER Guest

I am 20 years old. I woke up one morning and started my basics routine. Take mY morning vitamins and get up for the day. Well 5 days ago I woke up with excutiating pain. The pain resides center/left under my breast and radiates into my left arm mainly around my elbow. I went to the er two days after it started (after my night of working and I started feeling shirt of breath and nauseated.) And the hooked me to leads. The nuts came in and started pressing on my side an asked me to move my arm and such. Of course my arm will hurt if the pain is radiating there. She claimed to believe it was an inflamation o my chest wall. They ran an EKG and did a chest x-ray. Didn't even tell me if it came back clean.

I have a co edition called pcos. I'm on 3 prescribed thing already. (Metformin, folic acid, previfem) about a month ago I was on oxycodone and premethazine for a massive tooth abscess.

Currently at this very moment. My pain still exists under my left breast radiating into my left arm and stopping at my left elbow. And in between my shoulder blades. Any idea what it it could actually be. The diagnosed me with chest wall pain. I'm on clataflam now for it.. And its not doing a thing.

January 20, 2015 - 10:09pm
EmpowHER Guest

Hello, I am 20 year old female. I recently went to ER with chest pain and a heart rate of 114. They did a chest X-ray, blood work, urine, and an EKG. Everything came back clean. I went to my doctor the following day. Got another EKG and more blood/urine. EKG was fine and still waiting on blood work. I have a family history of heart problems and was born with an innocent murmur. I am not taking 25mg of beta-blockers every evening. Any thoughts as my doctor seems clueless. Thanks in advance.

October 8, 2014 - 8:39am
Susan Cody HERWriter Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hi Anon

After reading your post, I think the comments and information given below can also be of help to you. Since there is nothing wrong with any tests, it could be due to stress or something else that the blood work may find. We can only provide general information for you for now. If you have more questions after your tests come back, please let us know! 



October 9, 2014 - 6:26am
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