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why was pct result negative?

By Anonymous February 15, 2010 - 7:02am
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thanks for your response allison....actually postcoitaltest is not a pregnancy test...that was done to test sperms from fluid taken from my vagina using speculum.but doctors said no sperms were found in that..my husband is so upset that he feels he have lowspermcounts...but is there any chance to be a false result?as i heard that this test should be done within 6 to 15 hrs after intercourse..and am trying to concieve soon..i badly need a child..i was diagnosed with pcod and thyroid..this month am in second cycle of clomid.after ultra sound scan doctor told me the date when am goin to ovulate..and we did unprotected sex the whole week..and the next day after ovulation sperm test was done.4th day after ovulation i was having abdominal cramps...today is my 9th day ovulation.small pain is there still and white dischrge is also coming a lot.is this a sign of pregnancy?please help me out..as am very much worried...

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Hi Anon

I'm not Alison and I'm not sure where your original post was (or her answer to you) but hopefully I can help you a little!

If the PCT was negative (and done correctly) then your husband is likely to be infertile.

But tests are only as good as the people administering and interpreting them so an incorrect result is possible. You may want to ask for a retest.

What concerns me most is you being told that tests should be administered 6-15 hours after ejaculation. That is false information. Tests need to be done within 2-3 hours. By 15 hours, many men would show as being infertile (which would not really be the case)since the sperm will have died at 15 hours (or much earlier).

Please let us know when exactly the test was administered after ejaculation.

With regard to your own situation - a white discharge is usually a sign of ovulation but women can have discharge at any time. If you are 9 days after your ovulation, you may be able to test for pregnancy in the next few days.
So it's impossible to tell you if cramps and a discharge are a sign of pregnancy. Generally, they are not very typical signs but we all experience symptoms differently. It may also be a sign of your period starting.

I know it's very easy to say but please don't stress and worry so much. Doing so may actually decrease your chances of pregnancy. Follow your plan, make sex fun as well as functional and think about having another sperm test done, depending on when it was tested.

If you can answer some of these questions, it would help and please keep us updated!

February 15, 2010 - 10:52am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Susan Cody)

Actually pct was done only once...that also 22hrs after ejaculation ,the next day of my ovulation...that means there is a chance of false result?...doctor did not give information about this.she just told to cum and take pct.once more a pct to be done will be better right?even if my husband is infertile..wat may be the reason?is this due to the food we take.?..or is there anychnages to be done in our lifestyle to increase the spermcounts.one more thing which i cant understand is that...i have heard that sperms may survive for several days in womens body.the fluid is taken from my body...then how come the sperms die within 15hrs?when pct turned negative...doctor said that this may be happened due to intercourse may not be done in right way...she said sperms may not entered in vagina...i feel that our intercourse was proper....if the doctor was right...wat is the proper way?how can we know that sperms has entered in my vagina.after intercourse usually the fluid use to come out....in this case sperms will also come out?.u may find stupidity with my questions...but there are suchthings which is going in my mind and i am not able to ask to doctor...hope u will help out..i really feel better with all ur reply..thnx for that..expecting the same hereafter

February 15, 2010 - 10:09pm
(reply to Anonymous)

I'm not sure what happened to your original post, but happy to hear back from you.

As Susan said, the PCT should be done within specific guidelines, so a second test by the same doctor may/may not be "done better". Can you speak with your doctor about the PCT, and you read it needs to be done within hours after intercourse (and not 15 hours)?

Sperm may survive in a woman's body for 3-5 days, when the woman's body is providing a "welcoming environment" for the sperm. Sperm is very fragile and can die quickly for many reason, including that the woman's body is not currently ovulating, or the vaginal secretions or cervical mucus is "killing" the sperm. The sperm also may not be strong enough themselves..there are many possible factors that your doctor can help determine.

There are many possible causes of infertility, and also many unknown causes of infertility. Some are related to either the male or female's health conditions; others are being exposed to certain environmental factors (food is not likely one of them). You can read more about possible causes of infertility at: EmpowHER: Infertility.

How long have you been trying to conceive? For many couples, it takes up to 12 months to conceive, and this can be completely normal (and does not indicate infertility).

I am also not sure what your doctors said about "intercourse not being done in the right way"! I would also wonder "am I doing this right?!". Please do not be too embarrased to ask follow-up questions with your doctor, about what the RIGHT way is; I'm surprised they just told you that you aren't doing it right, with no guidance on how to correct this. If sperm is not getting inside your vagina...do you have any idea how this could be? Is your husband ejaculating inside your vagina without a condom? Did your doctor say that sperm is not entering into your cervix?

Some sperm will leak out of your vagina, but the stronger swimmers will make their way into the opening of your cervix.

Has this helped? Please let us know what further questions you have!

February 16, 2010 - 2:18pm
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