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Sarah explains which multiple sclerosis symptoms impact her life the most.

Sarah Shares The Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms That Affect Her Most (VIDEO)
Sarah Shares The Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms That Affect Her Most (VIDEO)

I've suffered with chronic pelvic pain for nearly eight years. I've been told I'm probably dealing with two pain issues, one being vulva or 'vestibule pain, and perhaps a nerve entrapment.

eight years of pelvic pain, with no concrete diagnosis; do you know Dr. Andrew Goldstein?
View Comments Anonymous commented 3 years ago.

About ten days into her cycle, my girlfriend and I were messing around in the back seat of my car. She was sitting on my lap and we were grinding around.

EmpowHER Guest
Can pre ejaculate go through underwear and cause pregnancy without any penetration?
View Comments Anonymous commented 3 years ago.

I was just in a car accident about a week ago & I'm not sure how it happened but, I managed to fracture my pelvis. I can't walk without crutches but I can put some pressure on my ...

Can you have sex with a fractured pelvis?
View Comments Rosa Cabrera commented 4 years ago.

I get really sick to my stomach each time I brush. My teeth are starting to look pretty bad. They hurt too.

EmpowHER Guest
Is it really necessary to use toothpaste to brush your teeth? It kind of makes me sick.
View Comments Anonymous commented 1 year ago.

I've been dating my boyfriend for about 2 years now. We started off as a one night stand, but eventually got carried on...because of great sex lives, and how we clicked mentally.

EmpowHER Guest
Im unhappy because i don't love him anymore or im not getting what i want?
View Comments Diane P commented 4 years ago.

i had a period around aug 26-31 a couple days after that me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex.

am i pregnant
View Comments susanc commented 4 years ago.