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I am trying to find the most effective and healthiest (with the least amount of negative side effects) type of HRT. Can anyone give me some input as to what is the safest and most ...

I am trying to decide what type of HRT. Is a cream as effective as pellets?
View Comments Erin Kennedy commented 1 day ago.

When I got straight to the gym from work, I don't have time to take my makeup off. Is it bad to workout with makeup on? Can working out with makeup cause breakouts?

Is it bad to workout with makeup on?

I love to travel! Last summer I went to Nicaragua and had to get a few shots on my trip. But when I've traveled to Europe I never had to get shots.

How do I know what shots I need if I'm traveling overseas?

I started my first full time job a little over a month ago. I want to make sure I start a good foundation for my finances. I want to start a 401 (k), but don't know if it's too early.

Should I set up a 401 (k)?
View Comments Erin Kennedy commented 1 day ago.

I had Pink Eye about a week ago but it's gone now. My doctor told me to throw away all the eye makeup I used when I had pink eye.

Should I throw my makeup away after Pink Eye?

I am a huge germaphobe! I carry hand sanitizer around all the time with me. I always worry about how many germs there are in public places and avoid touching door handles, stair rails, etc.

What are the dirtiest things to touch in public?

Every once in a while I get the blues and get sort of sad. But it doesn't last too long or for a long period of time. I don't think I have depression, but I want to know for sure.

What's the difference between depression and feeling sad sometimes?