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i am 20 yeras old when i had sex first time i have noticed skin coming out of my vagina after sex. i had difficulty in sex as well.

skin hanging out of vagina
View Comments jessica_shah commented 20 hours ago.

I usually have menstrual pain during my periods. I took postinor 2 a wk ago as prescribed on the leaflet,the bleeding started yesterday which is the 5th day after taking d pill but I'm ...

EmpowHER Guest
Effect of posinor2
View Comments Susan Cody commented 1 week ago.

I had sex on the 15 of feb 2014 and I used a birth control pill the same evening at night and I got my period end of the month and I got my period in March too on the 24th .

EmpowHER Guest
I am wondering if I am pregnant
View Comments Anonymous commented 1 week ago.

Hi, I have a big issue which bothers me a lot and I don't know which doctor would be the right person to know about this matter.

I Don't Know What To Do
View Comments Melissa6666 commented 3 days ago.