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Can ADHD form when you are older (or over time), or are you born with this? What are the symptoms of mild ADHD? How do I know if I have it and how can I be treated for it?

Can or ADHD form at an older age?

Lately I have noticed that my brain function (thinking, speaking, reading out loud). This causes me to stumble on my words and not form complete thoughts while speaking to others.

What causes reduced brain function?

What actions is the restaurant industry taking to provide healthier options for children and families?

Healthy Eating related image Can my family eat healthy at restaurants?
View Comments Dr. Joy Dubost commented 52 min ago.

Hi, I have a question to ask which is it's been about a week I've been having sharp, stabbing pain in my right front pelvic bone and nothing helps me for such pain and I don't know what ...

What Is This Pain?
View Comments kristincaliendo commented 58 min ago.