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My period is due today 7/26 and it hasn't come yet. My boobs feel slightly different. I feel as if they have grown but that could be my hormones since it is that time of the month.

EmpowHER Guest
me and my boyfriend had sex a few days before my period was supposed to come. It was late. I was having spotting on and off and I read it could be implantation bleeding so I was worried. This was for 2 days. my period finally came. Can I be pregnant?

i feel stomach discomfort, am restless, and cannot sleep well

EmpowHER Guest
i always feel internal heat what is the cause and cure

Hi! I have regular periods every month, but my problem is there are times that I would have very heavy menstruations. It's uncontrollable.

EmpowHER Guest
How can taking Diane 35 help me to have a normal menstrual flow?

Ok I need serious help! I can't find answers anywhere and I would think this was a common question. Ok so I am getting my wisdom teeth removed next friday (exactly one week from today).

EmpowHER Guest
Birth control and Wisdom Teeth extraction