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June 10, 2008 - 7:30am
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Research News

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New research on pregnancy and related areas, including fertility, birthing, and infancy, is published on a regular basis. Reuters' news stories give you the facts on what's coming out of the labs and medical journals, while Journal Notes articles take a more critical look at how these findings apply to your life.

Journal Notes: Breastfeeding Promotion Associated With Improved Verbal Intelligence Quotient at Age 6.5 Years6/3/2008Journal Notes: Adjunctive Acupuncture Improves Pregnancy Rates in Women Having IVF4/4/2008Journal Notes: Women Reported Less Discomfort When Pelvic Exams Were Done Without Stirrups11/28/2006Journal Notes: Study Finds Older Fathers Are More Likely to Have Autistic Children9/8/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Eating During Pregnancy1/23/2008HealthDay: Mediterranean Diet for Mom Fends Off Asthma, Allergies in Kids1/18/2008HealthDay: Maternal Distress Raises Risk of Childhood Asthma1/15/2008HealthDay: Health Tip: Working and Breast-feeding1/11/2008HealthDay: Health Tip: Help Your Newborn Sleep Longer1/8/2008HealthDay: Health Tip: Before You Get Pregnant1/4/2008HealthDay: Breast-Feeding Seems to Protect Against Some Allergies1/7/2008HealthDay: Breast Is Best for Reducing Stress1/6/2008HealthDay: Blood Tests Could Warn of Pregnancy Complication9/6/2006HealthDay: Drinking While Pregnant May Boost Child's Alcoholism Risk9/6/2006HealthDay: Low Vitamin E in Pregnancy May Boost Baby's Asthma Risk9/1/2006HealthDay: Infant Deaths After C-Sections Rise Even in Low-Risk Pregnancies8/31/2006HealthDay: Common Prenatal Tests Carry Low Miscarriage Risk8/31/2006HealthDay: FDA Considers Drug to Prevent Pre-term Birth8/29/2006HealthDay: Italian Drinking Level Puts Babies at Risk8/28/2006HealthDay: Genes Variants Greatly Increase SIDS Risk: Study8/24/2006HealthDay: Common Drugs Fight Postpartum Depression8/24/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: If You're Having a Caesarean Birth8/24/2006HealthDay: 24-Hour Lighting May Disrupt Newborn's Bio-Clock8/21/2006HealthDay: C-Section Rate at All-Time High in US8/17/2006HealthDay: Breast Cancer Treatment Safe During Pregnancy8/16/2006HealthDay: US Caesarean Rates on the Rise8/15/2006HealthDay: No Direct Link Between Anxiety, Pregnancy Outcomes8/14/2006Journal Notes: Breastfed Children May Be Better Equipped to Handle Stress8/10/2006HealthDay: US Babies Getting Fatter: Study8/9/2006HealthDay: Study Suggests New Link Between Air Pollution and Infant Deaths8/9/2006HealthDay: Epilepsy Drug Linked to Birth Defects8/8/2006HealthDay: Postpartum Depression Hits Dads, Too8/7/2006HealthDay: Breast-Fed Babies Handle Stress Better Later in Life: Study8/4/2006HealthDay: Usual Exam Can Miss Potential Breech Births8/3/2006HealthDay: Spanish Fertility Site Launched8/2/2006HealthDay: Pregnancy and Pot Don't Mix8/1/2006HealthDay: Labor Should Be Induced in Morning: Study7/31/2006HealthDay: 'Prebiotic' Reduces Risk of Eczema in Infants7/27/2006HealthDay: Nitric Oxide Therapy Helps Some Premature Infants7/26/2006HealthDay: Birth Weight's Link to Hypertension Varies by Race7/26/2006HealthDay: Nicotine Patch Use During Pregnancy May Put Baby at Risk7/21/2006HealthDay: Protecting Your Newborn From a Deadly Threat7/21/2006HealthDay: FDA Issues Advisory on Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy7/19/2006HealthDay: Breast-Feeding Eases Baby's Pain During Tests7/19/2006HealthDay: Pregnancy Centers Overstate Abortion Risks: Report7/18/2006HealthDay: Fertility Method No More Effective Than Natural Way: Study7/14/2006HealthDay: Young Americans' Well-Being a Mixed Bag7/14/2006HealthDay: Ultrasound detects Rh-disease complication in womb7/13/2006HealthDay: Smoking in pregnancy may cause behavioral troubles in offspring7/13/2006HealthDay: Study supports screening babies for heart-rhythm defect7/13/2006HealthDay: Morning sickness may guard against unhealthy eating: study7/12/2006HealthDay: Researchers grow sperm from stem cells7/11/2006HealthDay: More states screening newborns for diseases7/11/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Teething suggestions7/10/2006HealthDay: Fish oil fat could shield IV-dependent infants7/10/2006HealthDay: Sex in late pregnancy won't bring on labor7/7/2006HealthDay: C-section timing best left to doctor7/7/2006HealthDay: DDT linked to developmental delays in babies7/5/2006HealthDay: Breastfeeding may protect against bed-wetting7/5/2006HealthDay: Antihistamine doesn't help babies sleep7/3/2006HealthDay: First stool may offer sign of fetal alcohol exposure6/27/2006HealthDay: Test could spot autism at birth6/26/2006HealthDay: Pacifiers can ease parents' minds, too6/25/2006HealthDay: Breast cancer treatment safe during pregnancy6/23/2006HealthDay: Group finds 1 in 20 babies at risk for eye problems6/22/2006HealthDay: Lowering stress could boost pregnancy chances6/21/2006HealthDay: Three million test tube babies born so far6/21/2006HealthDay: Vasectomy reversals may raise birth defect risk6/21/2006HealthDay: Having a boy may raise risk of later miscarriage6/20/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: If your baby's skin looks yellow6/16/2006HealthDay: Iron in infant formula may raise adult parkinson's risk6/15/2006HealthDay: Intestinal surgery could raise womens' infertility risk6/15/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Teaching your baby to breastfeed6/12/2006HealthDay: Repeat corticosteroids in pregnancy cuts preemie illness6/9/2006HealthDay: Holding pattern linked to crybabies6/9/2006HealthDay: False positives on newborns' disease tests worry parents6/5/2006HealthDay: One embryo during IVF works well in older women6/1/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Baby acne probably won't need treatment6/1/2006HealthDay: Genital cutting raises death risk for mothers, babies: study6/2/2006HealthDay: Two drugs help shield newborns from toxoplasmosis6/2/2006Journal Notes: The rhythm method may cause more embryonic deaths than some other contraceptives6/2/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Treating baby's diaper rash5/31/2006HealthDay: Assisted fertilization could boost pregnancy complication risk5/25/2006HealthDay: 2 Procedures equal for preemie bowel complication5/24/2006Journal Notes: Early detection of childhood hearing impairment improves language ability later in childhood5/19/2006Journal Notes: Moderate stress during pregnancy does not hinder, and may help, child development5/19/2006HealthDay: Multivitamin benefits unclear: report5/18/2006HealthDay: Stress during pregnancy may benefit babies5/17/2006HealthDay: Caffeine therapy reduces lung problems in preemies5/17/2006HealthDay: Newborn hearing tests keep kids' language skills on track5/17/2006HealthDay: Baby's rash may predict skin ailment5/17/2006HealthDay: US has poor newborn survival rate: report5/9/2006HealthDay: Report examines US hispanic birth and fertility rates5/9/2006HealthDay: Despite laws, many pregnant women not tested for HIV5/8/2006HealthDay: Lesson from Katrina: fighting for the tiniest survivors5/8/2006Journal Notes: Infants treated for moderately high bilirubin levels at birth have normal brain function5/4/2006HealthDay: Colicky babies boost postpartum depression risk in moms5/5/2006HealthDay: More than 3 million stillbirths per year worldwide5/2/2006HealthDay: Take care of baby before conception5/1/2006HealthDay: Extra vitamin C and E don't prevent preeclampsia4/26/2006HealthDay: Lack of milk during pregnancy leads to smaller babies: study4/25/2006HealthDay: Drinking during pregnancy may damage baby's 'body clock'4/25/2006HealthDay: Pregnant women should reduce hours at stressful jobs: study4/21/2006HealthDay: Researchers seek 'optimal' pregnancy interval4/18/2006HealthDay: Infant snoring tied to parental snoring 4/10/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: If your baby has a fever 4/7/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Is your infant getting enough milk? 4/4/2006HealthDay: High-dose vitamins don't head off preeclampsia 3/29/2006HealthDay: Blood pressure, hemorrhage killing pregnant women in developing world 3/28/2006HealthDay: Babies' first words reflect their interests 3/28/2006HealthDay: Most new moms exhausted: study 3/28/2006HealthDay: Ultrasound spots breast cancer in pregnant women 3/28/2006HealthDay: Not all troubled new moms are depressed 3/24/2006HealthDay: Typical US pregnancy now just 39 weeks 3/23/2006HealthDay: Antibiotics may boost infant asthma risk, study suggests3/13/2006HealthDay: Preemie baby reflux meds could raise death risk 3/10/2006HealthDay: Neoprene suit could save women's lives 3/9/2006HealthDay: Bottle-feeding may not raise child obesity risk 3/9/2006HealthDay: Postpartum depression impacts infant care 3/8/2006HealthDay: Serotonin levels tied to SIDS 3/8/2006HealthDay: Health tip: some pregnant women at higher risk of gestational diabetes 3/2/2006HealthDay: Pesticide risk to babies underestimated: study 3/2/2006Journal Notes: Depression negatively affects mothers’ interactions with their infants3/9/2006Journal Notes: Preparing for childbirth with massage may reduce the rate of episiotomy and trauma 1/26/2006Journal Notes: Children are no safer in SUVs than other vehicles 1/12/2006Journal Notes: The longer it takes to get pregnant, the greater the chances of having a boy 12/21/2005Journal Notes: Sleeping with a pacifier may reduce risk of SIDS death 12/15/2005Journal Notes: Higher placental weights put moms at increased risk for breast cancer 11/17/2005Journal Notes: Heaviest and fastest-growing infants more likely to ne obese as children, adolescents, and adults 10/21/2005Journal Notes: Extremely low birth weight babies may face health and education problems as they reach school age 7/22/2005Journal Notes: Postnatal depression in fathers may affect their children 6/30/2005Journal Notes: Home childbirth appears safe—if not safer—for low risk women 6/24/2005Journal Notes: Treating gestational diabetes improves pregnancy outcomes for mother and baby 6/17/2005Journal Notes: Woman has successful pregnancy after ovarian transplant 6/16/2005Journal Notes: Introducing gluten to an infant’s diet too soon—or too late—may raise the risk of celiac disease in predisposed children 5/20/2005Journal Notes: Acupuncture and exercise may help relieve pregnancy-related pelvic pain 3/24/2005Journal Notes: Vaginal birth after previous cesarean delivery: increased risk of complications 12/17/2004Journal Notes: Single-embryo transfer in in-vitro fertilization 12/2/2004Journal Notes: Fetal manipulation: a better option than episiotomy to manage severe shoulder dystocia 10/8/2004Journal Notes: Suctioning babies at delivery to avoid respiratory disease may be ineffective 8/20/2004Journal Notes: Exposure to influenza in the womb may increase risk of schizophrenia 8/6/2004Journal Notes: MMR vaccination and seizure risk in children 7/23/2004Journal Notes: Anxiety during pregnancy may increase child’s risk of ADHD 7/16/2004Journal Notes: Dental x-rays associated with increased risk of low birth weight babies 4/30/2004Journal Notes: Childhood vaccinations are not linked with type 1 diabetes 4/1/2004Journal Notes: Early fevers protect against allergies 2/13/2004Journal Notes: Do children benefit from newborn genetic screening? 11/21/2003Journal Notes: First trimester Down's syndrome screening found to be effective and efficient 10/10/2003Journal Notes: Timing is everything: type 1 diabetes and infant diet 10/02/2003Journal Notes: Vaccines containing mercury do not appear to cause autism 10/01/2003Journal Notes: Treatment identified that may reduce the rate of preterm birth 6/12/2003Journal Notes: Prenatal alcohol use predicts drinking problems in offspring 4/17/2003Journal Notes: Several factors linked to development of peanut allergies 3/13/2003Journal Notes: No difference between early and later discharge after childbirth on health of newborns or HMO expenditures 12/19/2002Journal Notes: Infant colic usually ends by three months with no lasting effects on mother’s mental health 12/12/2002Journal Notes: The use of in vitro fertilization with donated eggs in women over 50 11/15/2002Journal Notes: Autism not caused by childhood MMR vaccination 11/7/2002Journal Notes: Less education and living with a smoker increase rates of smoking before, during, and after pregnancy 11/1/2002Journal Notes: Low folate levels and increased risk of miscarriage 10/18/2002Journal Notes: Breast-feeding may reduce risk of childhood obesity 6/7/2002Journal Notes: Magnesium sulfate reduces risk of eclampsia in pregnant women with pre-eclampsia 5/31/2002Journal Notes: Seven or more pregnancies may increase risk of cervical cancer in women with HPV infection 3/29/2002Journal Notes: Does eating seafood reduce the risk of preterm birth? 2/26/2002

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