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Women Start Taking Their Lives Back at 40

By Expert HERWriter
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This year I will be turning 40 along with many of my friends, classmates and co-workers. I am happy to report that the first topic of discussion is how are we going to celebrate ourselves! I am a true believer in birthday celebrations as tributes to the greatness that we are and how we share it with the world everyday.

After talk of all the things we dream about doing and then what we actually do, the next ideas tend to focus on reflections of what we have achieved, learned, and strive to do in the future. It seems at this stage of the game we, women, are starting to realize that there is only so much time in the day and that it is OK to say "no" to activities and people who are not a priority. We are starting to realize we have to treat our bodies and minds better.

All the stress we have placed on ourselves in our 20’s and 30’s trying to be the perfect mom, wife, businesswoman, partner, or friend has made us too tired to do the activities we use to love. The stress has inhibited our ability to spend time with the friends and family that we want to be with. Of course this is not true for every women but, it is true for a majority of my friends who are juggling families,careers, or both.

As women hit their 40’s, it seems the ability to clearly focus on what is important has become more attuned. As women enter their 40th decade, their health and well-being becomes a priority. I think it is wonderful that we realize the emotional and physical stress that we put on our bodies weakens them and steals our energy. It is true that when we are under stress, mental, emotional, or physical, we actually burn up our vitamins and nutrients more quickly than when we are calm. This can leave us in a nutritionally vulnerable state. Constant or daily stress can lead to health problems like high blood pressure or cholesterol, heart disease, sleeping disorders, anxiety or depression, diabetes, fibroids or female issues.

We will continue this discussion of how stress depletes our body of it's nutrients and makes us feel tired. By changing our attitude about ourselves- we can reverse this process.

In Vibrant Health,
Dr. Dae

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Dr Dae

Thanks so much for this refreshing account on what some people refer to as the "Fat and Forty" time of our life. Why does one have to correlate with the other?

My husband and I just turned 40 a few weeks ago and we took over a restaurant downtown with 25 of our friends. We had a blast!

My girlfriends also took me out for an evening and I loved it!

Later this summer, I head to Europe with two of my best friends from childhood - we all have marriages, children, careers and busy lives and live in three separate countries but we're leaving it all behind (even the husbands and kids!) for a great long weekend away where we get to catch up, dress up, go out and enjoy the sights, as well as enjoy great food and wine. We're not hiding anything, we are whooping it up!

We're all healthy, feel great and have busy, interesting lives. While my life at 30 held more freedom and I had all the time in the world for self-absorption, life now is just better. I may be a decade older but I'm a decade happier too, more confident (kind of ironic if you listen to society who tells us that it's all over for us now!) and we're slowly beginning to reap the rewards of all the hard work of the last 20 years.

Not every day is a fairytale of course, and we have our rough days along with our good ones. But all in all, I think 40 is truly fabulous and like you, I'm really celebrating with family and friends.

40 is just an age - a year after 39 and a year before 41. Big deal, right? But the start of any age decade does cause us to take stock of where we are in life and where we want to be. And by 40, most of my friends and I are happier - and just as adventurous - as we ever were! Having a family doesn't diminish adventure in our lives - having a family just makes us need to push over and make room for them to join us!

Thanks for your uplifting post - it's good to see another like-minded 40 year old!

Oh and I hope when you said "40th decade" you really meant 4th! If not, you look great for a 400 year old!! :-)

January 27, 2010 - 12:43pm
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