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The weather is finally nice enough to enjoy the outdoors. But, unfortunately, that also means ticks are out there too.

View Comments Michele Blacksberg RN commented 7 weeks ago.
 watch for ticks this summer Protect Yourself from Ticks this Summer

What is Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke? Heat exhaustion is a serious condition that happens when the body loses too much fluid either in hot weather or a hot venue, and can no lon

10 tips to protect children from heat exhaustion and heat stroke 10 Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke Tips: Protect Your Child

Many parents don’t realize how even slight hearing loss can affect a child’s performance in school.

signs your child may have hearing loss Signs of Hearing Loss in Your Child

As we turn the page from May to June, we are winding down from school and heading into summer.

keep kids physically fit while summer heats up Keeping Kids Physically Fit as Summer Heats Up

Fewer hospital emergency visits, fewer prescriptions and overall better health are excellent reasons for those in their 70s and 80s to remain more active.

staying active as you age reaps benefits Stay Active As You Age and Keep Reaping the Benefits

People at high risk for HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, can now take a daily pill to protect themselves from the potentially deadly virus.

View Comments Anonymous commented 7 weeks ago.
a pill a day to keep HIV/AIDS away, say doctors A Pill a Day Can Keep HIV/AIDS Away, Doctors Say

Fighting with your friends and loved ones can be a drag, but what if it actually killed you? According to a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, stressful ...

View Comments kitazawoa commented 2 weeks ago.
stressful relationships could kill you eventually, study said Stressful Relationships Could Eventually Kill You, Study Says

Too often women care more about the size of their thighs than the size of their bank account. They research the best skin care regimens but not the best investment opportunities.

View Comments trymlol commented 7 weeks ago.
5 steps to help you on your way to financial fitness 5 Steps that can Move You On Your Way Toward Financial Fitness

Summer is a time for childhood memory-making. It is for days spent at the pool, playing outside, celebrating with family and friends, and traveling to see and experience new things.

summer safety tips from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Offers Summer Safety Tips

If you are approaching the age of 60, you’ve probably heard that you should get a shot to prevent shingles, also called herpes zoster.

shingles may increase risk of stroke, study says Having Shingles May Increase the Risk of Stroke, Study Finds

I have ME/CFS, a pernicious and limiting condition that's shared by throngs of people around the world.

social media is a window to the world for ME/CFS Social Media: An Open Window Into the World for ME/CFS

It’s early on a weekday morning, so early that the streets are still filled with darkness. You walk into your teen’s room. The alarm is buzzing.

later high school start would benefit students Sleep for Success: Later High School Start Times Benefit Student Success

Most of us in the United States had wonderful weather this past Memorial Day weekend -- three days of sunny skies and very warm temperatures.

avoid skin cancer with sunscreen Summer Skin: Sunscreen Can Help You Avoid Skin Cancer

When you hear the words "stressed out" what images pop into your mind? Do you imagine your blood pressure going up? Or do you start to feel really agitated and angry? Anxious?

is Should 'Stressed Out' be a Diagnosis?

New medical guidelines issued late last year have significantly increased the number of people who might need to take these cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Should You Take Statins? Disagreement Among Experts Should You Be Taking Statins? Experts Disagree

Getting a good night's sleep is merely a dream for those with obstructive sleep apnea, as the ability to breathe is too frequently interrupted due to blocked airways.

View Comments Anonymous commented 7 weeks ago.
sleep apnea may raise risk of osteoporosis, cancer and stroke Sleep Apnea May Increase Risk for Osteoporosis, Cancer and Stroke

In a youth-obsessed society, growing old is something women learn to view with consternation, along with the lines, wrinkles and age spots that often accompany it.

9 tips for loving your skin 9 Tips to Love the Skin You’re In

In December 2012, the world learned a great deal about acute morning sickness as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, suffered from a horrible bout of hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) or ...

Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Morning Sickness Needing Medical Care Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Morning Sickness Requiring Medical Care

Hand rashes are particularly embarrassing to have, as they cannot be easily hidden. Eczema is a general term for various types of rashes that make the skin become swollen, itchy and ...

View Comments Anonymous commented 7 weeks ago.
how this woman cured an 18-year-old rash How to Cure an 18-year-old Rash

It’s officially May which means it’s National Burger Month. We’re heading into Memorial Day, when thought turn possibly to barbecuing, but definitely to burgers.

View Comments Elaine83 commented 8 weeks ago.
this Memorial Day build a better burger Build a Better Burger This Memorial Day

Both men and women can suffer from sexual dysfunction, but there are no drugs available to treat the condition for women on the market currently.

the Little Pink Pill matters to women 8 Reasons Why the Little Pink Pill Matters to Women’s Health

Getting diagnosed with oral cancer that was caused by the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) can kill physical intimacy in long-term relationships.

Pucker Up! HPV-Linked Oral Cancer May Not Raise Partners' Risk Pucker Up! HPV-Linked Oral Cancer May Not Increase Partners' Risk

Cycling is a great summertime family activity. Children are excited to find out they can go so fast and go places on their own. It can also be very frightening for parents.

tips on bike safety for children Bike Safety Tips for Young Children

Bang! A noise of a gunshot or a possible explosion would cause anyone to jump in bed and wonder what exactly is going on.

loud noises during sleep: exploding head syndrome? Loud Noises During Sleep: Is it Exploding Head Syndrome?


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