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Pregnancy is the first time many women may experience heartburn. Heartburn is one of the most very common complaints during pregnancy.

do you have heartburn during pregnancy? Heartburn during Pregnancy

Winter is still going strong despite the fact that it's already March. Continued cold weather means more dryness, cracking and irritation to our skin.

9 winter tips to save your skin 9 Tips to Save Your Skin in Winter

I was listening to NPR this week and heard the announcer talking about a big medical news story that pricked up my ears.

FDA Approves Potentially Lethal Pain Medication Potentially Lethal Pain Medication Gets FDA Approval

Is there really a “middle child syndrome”? Does birth order really make all that difference? Are middle children really, truly neglected and forgotten compared to older or younger siblings?

myths and stereotypes about middle children and birth order Middle Child Birth Order Myths and Stereotypes

Sibling rivalry is what happens when feelings of jealousy and competition erupts between brothers and sisters, often leading to fights and arguments.

tips on sibling rivalry management Tips for Managing Sibling Rivalry

When I watch the Olympics I am always amazed at how fit the competitors have to be just to get there, whether they win a medal or not. I don’t excel at any of those sports.

here's my favorite way to get from flab to fab My Favorite Way to Go From Flab to Fab

If this frigid, bleak winter has you longing to jet off to a tropical island to reap the benefits from a coconut, you may have to go no further than your local grocery store.

look for coconut oil in a grocery aisle near you Coconut Oil Has Moved to A Grocery Aisle Near You

As we wrap up February it is important to remember to take care of our hearts year-round. February is American Heart Month, where awareness is heightened around cardiovascular disease.

stay heart healthy past February Keeping Heart Healthy Beyond February

The five main gynecological cancers are cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal and vulvar.

don't overlook these 12 gynecologic cancer symptoms 12 Gynecologic Cancer Symptoms that Shouldn't be Overlooked

Women learn to hide their problems and shortcomings at a young age, so it comes as no surprise that many women are so skilled at concealing their struggles with eating disorders.

I Had No Idea: Eating Disorders Awareness Week I Had No Idea: Awareness Week Promotes Eating Disorder Education

A new study which included more than 38,000 people from 10 different countries found that children delivered via Cesarean section may have an increased risk of being obese later in life.

obesity risk may be increased by C-sections C-Section Births May Increase Obesity Risks

Nerve pain can be caused by inflammation or damage to the nerve either from chronic conditions like diabetes or damage from an infection, injury or surgery.

freezing a nerve can bring relief to chronic pain Freezing a Nerve Can Provide Relief from Chronic Pain

If you have diabetes, you may be at higher risk of a stomach disorder known as gastroparesis, or delayed gastric emptying.

View Comments Kelsey Hardin commented 6 weeks ago.
gastroparesis can make blood sugar harder to control Gastroparesis Can Make Sugar Control More Difficult

In honor of American Heart Month, CEO of the American Heart Association Nancy Brown reflected on the past half century of U.S. awareness-raising for heart health.

View Comments Jody Smith commented 7 weeks ago.
American Heart Month: promoting awareness and health for 50 years American Heart Month: 50 Years Promoting Awareness and Health

Cholesterol. Does the word scare you? It strikes fear into many of my patients when I bring it up. When too much cholesterol is in the bloodstream we need to be concerned about our heart ...

lower cholesterol levels with delicious foods Lowering Cholesterol Levels While Still Eating Delicious Foods

UCLA researchers may be one step closer to finding a cure for a fast-growing and deadly blood cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) that affects infants, children, and more rarely, ...

drug discovery wipes out leukemia in mice Novel Drug Discovery Eradicates Deadly Leukemia in Mice

Antioxidants have been long thought of as having a protective effect against cancerous tumors.

cancer study cautions, antioxidants could be dangerous Antioxidants May Be Dangerous, Says Cancer Study

As the all-female rap group Salt-N-Pepa said, “Everybody has sex.

when sex is painful When Sex Hurts

I have noticed an increased volume of Facebook postings by friends lamenting about being awake at 3 a.m. and unable to go back to sleep.

why are you waking up with the midnight blues? how to stop Waking Up with the Midnight Blues: Why it Happens, How to Stop it

What is FLC Syndrome? Chances are you have it.

Diet & Nutrition related image Do You Have FLC Syndrome?

Vitamin K comes mainly from leafy green vegetables and from the good bacteria in our intestines. However at birth, a baby has very little vitamin K in its intestines.

View Comments TobyValles commented 6 weeks ago.
vitamin K: important for newborns The Importance of Vitamin K in Newborns

Some beauty products on the market offer some rather amazing claims. How are we to know which ones are truly classified as drugs or are just considered cosmetics?

How do Drugs, Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals Differ? How are Drugs, Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals Different?

During the Sochi Olympics, 29-year-old Julia Mancuso walked away on Monday, Feb. 10, 2014 with a bronze medal in the women's super-combined which couples the times of a downhill run and ...

Julia Mancuso's Third Olympic Medal: Bronze at Sochi Julia Mancuso Takes Bronze at Sochi, Her Fourth Olympic Medal

The partnership of Elana Meyers and Lauryn Williams gave the bobsled Olympic event at Sochi their all. It wasn't enough to win the gold. They missed the mark for that by only 10/100ths ...

Meyers and Williams Take Silver with Bobsled Meyers and Williams Win Bobsledding Silver

Experts agree that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing is essential in stopping the spread of the disease.

what are HIV screening tests? What are the Screening Tests for HIV Infection?


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