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If you have ever thought that stress could be causing your sleep problems, you could be right.

View Comments Anonymous commented 5 weeks ago.
could stress be keeping you from sleeping? Stress: Could it be the Reason You Can’t Sleep?

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may have been told to try eating more slowly. That’s easier said than done for many of us who gobble our food without noticing how fast we’re eating.

if you want to eat slower try an electronic fork Want to Eat Slower? Try an Electronic Fork

We've been told and have believed for some time, that antioxidants reduce the risk of several health conditions by helping taxed cells in the body minimize or repair the adverse effects ...

your vitamin supplements could be bad for your health Your Vitamin Supplements Could Be Harming Your Health

During changes in season, our skin and scalp may develop dryness.

do you have dandruff or dry scalp? Is it Dandruff or a Dry Scalp?

This year, I hope you were looking out for Dad's health on Father's Day by applying beer to his barbecue feast.

Cheers, Dad! Barbecuing with your favorite brew Cheers to Dad -- Barbecue with His Favorite Brew

The genital herpes virus is a common sexually transmitted infection that usually manifests on the labia, perianal, anal, and inner thigh area of women as small painful blisters.

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5 things to know about the genital herpes virus 5 Facts About the Genital Herpes Virus

The incidence of syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease is increasing among gay and bisexual men, according to a recent federal study.

syphilis in gay and bisexual men on the increase Syphilis Among Gay and Bisexual Men Is On the Rise

If you’ve ever had a throbbing, piercing or dull pain in the head, you’ve most likely experienced a headache just like the rest of the population.

View Comments Anonymous commented 6 weeks ago.
oh my aching head! Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Oh, My Aching Head: It’s Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

Losing weight is hard. There are a ton of diets and exercise plans that can help those who want to lose weight, but there is no magic pill.

View Comments jessicabutler commented 5 weeks ago.
5 easy ways you can burn up more calories 5 Easy Ways You Can Burn Calories

On June 6th, EmpowHER founder, Michelle King Robson will be speaking as a panelist at the S.H.E Summit conference during the Women & Entrepreneurs

Michelle King Robson during S.H.E. Summit panel "Women Business Owners: How to Go From Start to Scale"
Michelle King Robson during S.H.E. Summit panel "Women Business Owners: How to Go From Start to Scale"

Do you ever wonder if what you are eating is impacting your sleep?

ever think about how food impacts your sleep? Ever Wonder How Food Impacts Your Sleep?

Past research has shown us that there is a connection between getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy weight.

help your child avoid obesity by getting enough sleep Want to Help Your Child Avoid Obesity? Get Enough Sleep!

Women who have early or premature menopause may be at risk for a decline in brain function later in life, according to research recently published by BJOC: An International Journal of ...

premature menopause may have long-term effects on brain function Premature Menopause Could Affect Brain Function in the Long Run

Most of us know that sleep is important, that in fact, it’s vital to our physical and mental health.

View Comments Anonymous commented 5 weeks ago.
why good sleep can heal your body and save your life Good Sleep: Why it Can Heal Your Body and Save Your Life

Skin cancer is by far the most common cancer type in the United States and it’s becoming increasingly more so, according to the Food and Drug Administration, which in 2011 launched an ...

FDA approves more options for dangerous skin cancers FDA: More Options for Treating Dangerous Skin Cancers

When the long, hot days of summer descend upon the country, many children spend those days away from their families at summer camp.

summer camp and family vacation: best of both worlds The Best of Both Worlds: Summer Camp and a Family Vacation in One Place

The Environmental Working Group has been assessing American sunscreens for eight years.

practicing sun safety with EWG's sunscreen guide Practice Sun Safety this Summer with EWG’s Sunscreen Guide

Shopping today requires close reading of labels. If the label says "toxic-free," "natural" or "organic," what exactly does that mean?

View Comments Anonymous commented 6 weeks ago.
how are toxic-free, organic and natural different? Toxic-Free, Natural and Organic Products: How Are They Different?

If you are planning on having a home birth, you may be considering hiring a doula, a midwife or both. But what exactly are doulas and midwives?

View Comments Anonymous commented 6 weeks ago.
home birth roles of doulas and midwives The Roles of Doula and Midwife during Home Birth

Imagine fighting cervical cancer by harvesting immune cells from a patient's tumor, growing the cells in a lab and then infusing them back into the patient.

new therapy gets personal against cervical cancer New Therapy Gets Personal in the War Against Cervical Cancer

More and more Americans are becoming aware of the importance of vitamin D to our health, our bones and to our immune function.

vitamin D deficiency or skin cancer: balancing sun exposure Vitamin D Deficiency or Skin Cancer? How to Handle Sun Exposure

Between 1930-1945, my grandmother gave birth at home to more than seven children.

are you a candidate for a home birth? Would You Be a Good Candidate for a Planned Home Birth?

If you’re suffering from anxiety, June is the month for answers.

overcome anxiety and depression: attend 2 online summits Want to Overcome Anxiety or Depression? Attend 2 Online Summits

Even though about 300,000 people live with scleroderma, many of us know nothing about this disease. Naming June as National Scleroderma Awareness Month is a strategic move toward ...

learn more about scleroderma in its National Awareness Month Learn More About Scleroderma During Its National Awareness Month

Wearable technology is a rather new phenomenon which has been gaining traction, in recent years, especially in the fitness community.

will wearable technology change your life? Will Wearable Technology Change How You Live?


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