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It may be possible to treat male infertility through an unexpected technique. Researchers from Stanford successfully turned skin cells into stem cells and then into sperm cells.

skin cells could become sperm cells Skin Cells Converted to Sperm Cells

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time when we moms get to feel appreciated by our loved ones.

Time Out: Best Mother's Day Gift The Best Mother’s Day Gift: A Time Out

There are many dietary changes being made these days ranging from the Paleo Diet to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), to the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet (GAPS) and to the ...

learn more about non-celiac gluten sensitivity What Is Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity?

Male sexual dysfunction refers to a problem a man has during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents the man or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity.

male sexual dysfunction and its causes Male Sexual Dysfunction and the Causes Behind It

Pregnant women have long been counseled to maintain proper nutrition. What you eat during those nine months can have lasting effects on your baby. But what about before you are pregnant?

your diet at conception can alter your baby's genes Want to Get Pregnant? Your Diet At Conception Alters Baby’s Genes

May is Healthy Vision Month, which makes it a perfect time to evaluate your eye health.

is your desk job hurting your eyes? Your Desk Job May Be Hurting Your Eyes

Saving the planet may seem like a big job. And it is. It is not something that one person, or a small group of people, can do alone.

media companies help you save the planet Media Companies Help Save the Planet (And How You Can Too)

Energy Drinks: the New Coffee Energy drinks, which often include caffeine and ginseng, are the new coffee and cola for our kids.

link between substance abuse and depression in teens Energy Drinks Linked to Depression and Substance Abuse in Teens

It's said that garlic was referred to as the “stinking rose” by French writer Henri Leclerc in 1918. Leclerc was not a fan.

Garlic, Stinking Rose Garlic, The Stinking Rose, Has the Aroma of Health and Wellness

Gotta Get our Caffeine Fix Many of us can’t get through a morning without an energy boost of some kind.

energy drinks cause increased ER visits by teens Energy Drinks Increase Risk of Heart-Related ER Visits in Teens

Over the years, home medical tests have become more available. According to the U.S.

 home medical test benefits The Benefits of Home Medical Tests

Most of know the benefits of fiber. It helps to regulate our digestive system, makes us feel a lot better in terms of general health, and has been linked to decreasing our risk of colon ...

connection between fiber and heart attack survival Fiber and the Heart Attack Survival Connection

Hair loss can take an emotional toll on your appearance and your self-confidence.

 7 topical ways to treat hair loss 7 Topical Treatments for Hair Loss

Are you counting calories to try to lose weight? Do you actually know what a calorie is or why you are counting them to lose weight?

View Comments chowmama commented 12 weeks ago.
how many calories to reach my goal? How Many Calories Should I Eat to Reach my Goal?

Menopause can be a challenging transition for some women, especially those who must cope with the symptoms of menopause on the job.

How Women are “Keeping Their Cool” at work Managing Menopausal Symptoms at Work: How Women are “Keeping Their Cool”

Vitamin D performs many functions in the body. We've known for a long time that vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and calcium absorption.

vitamin D may improve immune function Vitamin D May Affect Immune Function

From being touted by Dr. Oz to Jamie Lee Curtis yumming it up in yogurt form, probiotics continue to be a health and food trend. Examiner.com reported that Dr.

probiotics are giving bacteria a good reputation Probiotics: Giving Bacteria A Good Reputation

Sponsored by Fellowes, Inc. Brought down by allergy symptoms?  You’re not alone!  Nearly 40 mil

Allergy-Proof Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the downsides to being pregnant is that your body does not fight off colds or flu as well as it normally does.

how to treat colds and flu during pregnancy How to Treat a Cold and Flu When You Are Pregnant

Women often find men with beards to be sexy, more masculine and more attractive than clean-shaven men.

View Comments blairlieb commented 12 weeks ago.
when do women love beards more? When Do Women Love Men With Beards More?

Research from UCLA has indicated that exposure to some pesticides may create higher risk for Parkinson's disease. An earlier study published by the UCLA team in January, 2013 showed a ...

risk for Parkinson's may be linked with pesticide exposure Risk for Parkinson's Disease May Increase with Pesticide Exposure

EmpowHER has always recognized women of all sizes and their different needs in terms of fitness, health and overall wellness.

introduction: health and wellness at every size Health and Wellness At Every Size – An Introduction

Sponsored by Fellowes, Inc. Winter may be behind us, but the effects of record snow will last we

Allergies related image Get out the Tissues; Experts Predict a Strong Spring Allergy and Asthma Season

Sponsored by Fellowes, Inc. When am I most at risk for allergies and asthma?

Allergies related image Allergy and Asthma Truths Revealed by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America


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