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In the United States, 6.7 million women 15-44 years of age have trouble getting pregnant or carrying a baby to term, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as ...

how did your state do on the latest fertility scorecard? How Does Your State Rate on The Latest Fertility Scorecard?

Don’t get caught believing a myth instead of knowing the truth about stroke treatments. It is not true that strokes cannot be treated.

ignore the stroke myth – get treatment ASAP Ignore the Myth – Get Treatment Quickly if You Have a Stroke

If you are experiencing fertility issues, have you ever considered losing weight? I know that this might seem unrelated.

losing weight may help improve fertility Improve Fertility Problems by Losing Weight

Iron is an important mineral in the human body that can cause a variety of health symptoms if not adequately supplemented and stored.

5 reasons iron is important 5 Reasons Iron Is Important to Your Whole Body

A common gene found in organisms as diverse as worms to humans is offering valuable clues to the origins of kidney development.

gene may help childhood cancer and adult kidney failure Gene May Offer Hope for Childhood Cancer and Adult Kidney Failure

CFS/ME, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating, life-altering condition that affects many Americans.

PET scan may help to diagnose and treat CFS/ME PET Scan May be Useful for Diagnosis and Treatment of CFS/ME

As the weather gets warmer over the next few months, most people will stop complaining about the cold and snow and start complaining about the bugs.

6 tips to protect your backyard from mosquitoes 6 Tips for Backyard Mosquito Protection

Your toddler may be constipated if he/she experiences pain during a bowel movement, indicating hard stool or stool that is difficult to pass, or has a bowel movement fewer than three ...

natural remedies for toddler constipation Toddler Constipation and Natural Remedies

We all want to look our best in photos, especially if those photos are posted on the internet for everyone to see. Selfies have become a popular form of expression in social media.

are selfies a reason more people are having plastic surgery? Are Selfies Motivating More of Us to have Plastic Surgery?

What is Diarrhea and What Causes it? Diarrhea is not uncommon in childhood and is not always something for parents to panic about.

information about diarrhea in young children Getting the Inside Poop on Diarrhea in Young Children

I am Joanne, Joanne I am. And this Easter I will try to make something other than eggs and ham.

no eggs, no ham - i have a veggie Easter plan No Eggs, No Ham - That’s My Veggie Easter Plan

Despite numerous ads promising increased penis size, the fact is that it’s virtually impossible to improve what nature hands out.

if a promise for penis enlargement sounds too good to be true ... Penis Enlargement Promises: If It Sounds Too Good to Be True ...

When you become stressed to the point where you feel like your head is about to explode, the last thing you want to hear is a motivational speaker on TV talking about their newfound ...

View Comments Jody Smith commented 13 weeks ago.
10 ways to easily relieve your stress 10 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress Now

Stand up paddleboarding is a relatively new water sport that started popping up in coastal communities and now has spread from coast to coast.

View Comments garymoore commented 10 weeks ago.
Stand Up Paddleboarding: Exercise and Unique View of Nature Stand Up Paddleboarding Offers Exercise and Unique View of Nature

My son had the misfortune recently of getting a minor traumatic brain injury, also known as a concussion. His headaches and nausea were intense thirty-six hours after the incident.

secret life of concussions: your future can be impacted by injury Secret Life of Concussions: How Injuries Can Impact Your Future

In the weight loss discussion there is much talk about whether you should cut carbs to lose weight. My answer to that question is: yes and no.

do I have to cut carbs to lose weight? Should I Cut Carbs to Lose Weight?

Slurred speech is commonly recognized as a symptom that someone has had a stroke. But speech difficulties resulting from a stroke can be much more complicated than just slurred words.

what's the difference for stroke survivors: language vs. speech Language vs. Speech – What's the Difference for Stroke Survivors?

For people living with mitochondrial disease, recent research on niacin (vitamin B3) offers hope for a better life.

View Comments Phytoresearcher commented 13 weeks ago.
vitamin B3 may hold cure for mitochondrial disease Vitamin B3 May Be Cure for Mitochondrial Disease

Consumers in search of a bargain are heading online for everything from vacation accommodations to electronics, home loans to handyman services, and even that perfect little black dress.

patients bid on medical online auction Patients Finding Medical Deals with Online Auction

When I was a youngling, my overactive mind was fascinated by pregnant women.

do you get any sleep when you're pregnant? Are you Pregnant? Are You Getting Any Sleep?

Skin-to-skin contact between premature infants and their mothers naturally sounds like a good way to increase mother-baby bonding.

brains of premature infants benefit from skin-to-skin contact Skin-to-Skin Contact Benefits Brains of Premature Infants

How much are you a product of your past? Sounds like a silly question, doesn’t it?

Past and present: find your balance Find Your Balance between Past and Present

Millions of women experience painful sex for a variety of reasons.

View Comments Sam Frier commented 14 weeks ago.
women, fight back against painful sex with treatment Women Fight Back! Treatment for Painful Sex

Ever wonder how your iPhone or Android smart phone is actually affecting you as a person?

being over-involved with smart device can cause stress Over-involvement with Smart Devices Leads to Stress, Depression

With just under a week left until the April 15th deadline, it is now crunch time for filing taxes.

reduce your stress with tax tips from expert Laura Scherler Less Stress: Last-Minute Tax Tips from Tax Expert Laura Scherler


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