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Christina Shares How Her Hormones Fluctuated After Her Hysterectomy (VIDEO)

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Christina Shares How Her Hormones Fluctuated After Her Hysterectomy (VIDEO)
Christina Shares How Her Hormones Fluctuated After Her Hysterectomy (VIDEO)
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Christina describes how her hormones fluctuated after her hysterectomy and how her recovery was delayed by a misdiagnosis.

Well, roller coaster – up and down, up and down. I mean, actually, the hospital, before they really realized about my hysterectomy, all they knew was that I came in and I tried to overdose on sleeping pills and wine. You know, they thought I was bipolar because I was happy one moment; I was sad the next. You know, I had these high spirits, and then I am crying, and then it took the nurse like, “Did anybody realize she just had a hysterectomy?”

You know, so within probably two months, like okay, let’s take her off this medication and let’s just put her on a small antidepressant. So it was the misdiagnosis, and then just exactly, just the mood swings, going up and down as well as your body aching. You know, there’s some days when you just, I don’t want to get out of bed, but I know somebody has to pay my bills, and I am single. I am alone. I have to do it myself. So, you know, I roll myself out of bed knowing that I got to keep going on.

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