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Gina Shares The Form Of Hormone Replacement Therapy She Used (VIDEO)

By Gina R
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Gina Shares The Form Of Hormone Replacement Therapy She Used (VIDEO)
Gina Shares The Form Of Hormone Replacement Therapy She Used (VIDEO)
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Gina describes the hormone replacement therapy form she used to treat her estrogen dominance symptoms.

She gave me the bioidentical hormones, which were the creams, and they were wonderful. I mean, they helped. I wasn’t bleeding anymore. I, all of a sudden emotionally, instead of things right here, they were over here. That’s the best way I can describe it. They weren’t screaming right in my face, and then I travel a lot. I am gone half the month, so I am now on a birth control pill. It’s much easier for me to manage, and I should research more about the difference between the two: bioidentical and then I guess the birth control pills, the synthetic pill. I don’t really know the difference. I should, but I just know that I feel better than I ever have.

Hormones are hormones. I told Michelle, “You have to write a book and name it Hormone Bound”.

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