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I Became Pregnant While Taking Birth Control Pills

By Susan Schade
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I was familiar with taking “the Pill.” I currently had been taking it over a year. My husband and I already had two little boys ages 4 and 2 ½. It wasn’t difficult for me to remember to take it each day. It was a part of my morning routine.

One month, as I was still consistently taking my pill, I began to experience some cramping. I believe it continued for a few days. If I remember correctly, I was on my third week of my pill pack, which was still a full week away from the week of my period and the “green pills.” The cramping was a similar feeling to when I would start my period or the first days leading up to it. But it was strange to me that it was happening earlier than it should. I started feeling like something was wrong with my body. I remember feeling slight nausea at times (almost like carsickness) and decided that something about the pill that I was taking was not working right with my body. I was also very tired, but I was always tired. I was a busy Mom with two active boys.

The green pill week arrived, but my period didn’t. Still, pregnancy didn’t occur to me. I had been taking my pill for so long that my periods were very light, almost non-existent. I had an annual doctor’s appointment scheduled with my OB three days after I finished the pill pack that I was on. I decided that I would not start another pack until I saw my doctor.

So three days later, during my annual appointment, I requested new pills. As I told my doctor about my symptoms, he looked puzzled stating that “those are not common complaints associated with taking this pill.” He gave me some new pill samples and told me to start them after my next cycle. But he told me that if I didn’t get my period soon, then I should take a pregnancy test. Staring at my blank face, he reminded me that the pill is effective when taken correctly, but not 100% effective.

A week later when I was still late, I took a pregnancy test. The result was negative but I knew that something was different with my body. One more week passed and this pregnancy test confirmed it, POSITIVE. Now I had something new to worry about.

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EmpowHER Guest

It would really help me if you would tell me how far back you calculated your baby was conceived before your 3rd week of the pill when you started getting cramps and nausea. Please and thank you. :)

November 10, 2014 - 10:56am
EmpowHER Guest


October 21, 2014 - 6:09am
EmpowHER Guest

So I've missed my birth control pills a couple of times but when I take my pill I would take 2 when I missed the one the day before, and I've always got my period on the green pill, but this month I was late 4 days but then got my period on the 5th green pill and got my period only 3 days. I've been having cravings, a lot of back pain, headaches, and sometimes nausea. I took 2 pregnancy test both came out negative. So I'm not sure what it might be. Anything in mind? Someone that went threw the same problem I'm going threw?

October 20, 2014 - 8:42pm
EmpowHER Guest

My husband and I had our son on this past Christmas Eve 2012 and we use condoms every time that have not ever broken . Also I'm on birth control I always take it on Time and never miss. I am constantly feeling cramping that's just notisable and have a good bit of discharge and this past period I was four days late and had a much lighter period and my stomach has been so upset and I've been nautious and last night I vomited . Is this normal? Or could I be pregnant ? Even though I don't see how I could be with all the precations we are taking.

March 29, 2013 - 5:45pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

Did you find out if you were pregnant? I'm having similar symptoms. Which BC are you on?

August 30, 2013 - 12:05pm
EmpowHER Guest

i am on birth control from last 3 months,i complete 3 refills,i am expected my periods on 10th of dec but today is 13 and no sing of periods.i am using bc pills to correct my periods cycle.so should i stop taking pills or continue?am i pregnant?i have pain in my back and leg.plz helpp me

December 13, 2012 - 2:14pm
EmpowHER Guest

Hi. I've been on the pill since August 16th and I take it every single day at the exact same time. I've never missed a pill. My boyfriend and I have sex a couple times a month when we get to see each other and we have protected and unprotected sex. The unprotected sex is far less often and when we do, he always pulls out before he ejaculates. I took my placebo pills and had some very light, almost nonexistent period which eventually ended. I have extreme paranoia and anxiety about being pregnant. I don't have any symptoms except extreme exhaustion but that's been going on ever since on started the pill. Nothing else. I just need some outside reassurance. Can you help me?

November 16, 2012 - 8:55am
EmpowHER Guest

HELP. I have been on birth control for a year and 2 months now. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years have regular unprotected sex. I usually take my pill regularly every night but I am a women constantly on the go between school and work so I forget to pack my pills sometimes when my plans changebut the second I get home i take the missed one. That has happeened twice this past month. Also, lately I have been having nausea randomly but do not vomit and my eating habits have changed. I have started to get grossed out my chicken and meats. I begin to feel nauseous after eating a couple bites and i love meat! I have lost weight at least 5lbs. I have been getting very bad lower back and neck pains. Yesturday I started getting flu like symptoms. My nose is runny and I have a constant headache and pressure in my sinuses. I feel bloated and am constipated and have been gasy. My body aches and I am always tired. I can't just sit down and relax without dozing off. My period is due in 2 days but my previous period was very short and light. Could I be pregnant?

November 5, 2012 - 2:33am
Susan Schade (reply to Anonymous)

If it were me, I would take a pregnancy test once I realized that my period was late.  (Keep in mind that you may have to take multiple tests, I have have a false negative test before.)  There could always be other reasons for your symptoms.  I know that it is not easy but try not to worry about it until you can actually take a test.  Keep busy with work, school or whatever you can. 

I would also talk to your doctor about other birthcontrol methods if you are finding it difficult to take your pill at the same time each day.  There are other options. 

Good luck.

November 5, 2012 - 7:50am
EmpowHER Guest

I realise this article has been written quite some times ago, but here is my story.
I have been on the pill most of my life, the only time I didn't take it was when I was TTC and then got pregnant with my daughter who was born 3 years ago. Breastfeeding didn't work for me, and I stopped it at 6 weeks, my periods returned 4 weeks later and I went back on the same pill I had been before getting pregnant on my OB's advice. I've been on that pill for 3 years now, never had any other symptoms on it exept mood swings when there are about 3 pills left on the pack (mine is a 21 pills no placebo pill brand).
Now as I write I am still left with 2 pills to take for this month, but I have been having a crazy sore breast for over a week, peed more in the past week, and raging mood swings for the past 5-6 days as well. This past weekend I even had brief moments of queaziness. I finish my pill pack this coming Wednesday and my period never come until the Monday after that. I took two tests already, both negative, but I can't shake the feeling something is different here, so I am waiting for the time my periods should come to see what happens, but this is getting crazy, just today I noticed my sense of smell is sharper too.
I keep wondering how can it be that I have so many symptoms that could be linked to pregnancy that EARLY! I mean come on my period is not due for another week. With both my daughter and the missed miscarriage I had before her the only symptom I had until 6 weeks into pregnancy was sore breast, not nausea and crazy smell sense.

October 8, 2012 - 8:15pm
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