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Jul 7

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Deborah Amyx

Our family is rather unique in the "super large family" world for we are blending two as in the movie, "Your's, Mine, Ours."

My husband lost his beloved late wife, the mother of his eleven children, to cancer in 2004 just one month after giving birth to their youngest son at 28 weeks gestation. The family struggle was intense, but they made it through the summer. In his grief, he met me online about a month later.

I was living in a southern state, going through a divorce (to a diplomat) and needed work. He hired me to watch his kids because we had become good friends, and I had no marketable skills other than issuing visas, writing and being a stay at home mom. We spent the 04-05 school year working side by side to care for our, then, 14 kids at home.

We were married on Father's Day, 2005 and have been in the blending process ever since. It's rarely easy, but I laugh almost everyday at something someone does. Even my lowest days, I get hugs and kisses.

Now entering my fifth decade of life, I understand so many things better than before. I continue to learn and try to be my best, yet have fun and lighten up so that I can enjoy living.

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