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7 home treatment techniques for Constipation

Constipation is among the less reported medical cases. A majority of people suffering from it are embarrassed of it. Millions of people suffer from constipation but very few cases are reported. For those who desire to treat this case privately can rely on the home remedies. Therefore, get to know some of the home treatment techniques for constipation.

Olive oil

The olive oil is the healthiest fat recommended for cooking. It also features among the home remedies for constipation. This oil has a very smooth texture that will stimulate your digestive tracts. This will ease the toughness of the faces. This makes it easier for it to pass through the colon. So olive oil is an effectual option for eradicating constipation.


Fresh lemon is a great stimulant for the excretory system. Taking the lemon juice every morning enhances the smooth flow of the digestive system. The people seeking ways on how to get rid of constipation should rely on lemon juice. You can squeeze one lemon into a cup of hot or warm water. Sip the lemon water until it is finished. This should be done every morning.


Many people love coffee in the morning or during the cold seasons. The aroma of the coffee is just amazing but it does more than satisfy your cravings for coffee. The coffee helps in effectual stimulation of the digestion system leading to constipation relief. Control your intake of the coffee. Taking extremely much coffee will increase the levels of constipation. It can dehydrate the body.


Some people are having constipation issues due to lack of regular exercise. Unless you exercise, your body system faces a risk of becoming inactive. Exercise helps in stimulating the body and other organs. Workouts and stretches prevent the clogging up of the digestion scheme. Regular exercise will always eradicate constipation and prevent it. A fifteen minute walk or jog is beneficial.

Natural foods

Numerous people are fatalities of constipation because of their diets. The market is filled with very processed foods. The human body is capable of digesting natural foods. Taking in more processed foods makes the digestion process hard. The body is not used to digest such foods. Reducing the intake of processed foods is part of the home remedies for constipation.

Using Epsom salt

Techniques on how to get rid of constipation will be more operative by using the Epsom salt. Salt is known to attract water from the surrounding body parts. The Epsom salt within the stool will attract water. This will cause the stool to become soft. Release of soften stool is always easy. That will eliminate the constipation. Thus, include enough Epsom salt in your diet for better results.


There are helpful bacteria that help in the digestion in the stomach. The bacteria help in assimilation of processed foods and sugars. By keeping the bacteria healthy, they will minimize the effect of processed foods in the body. That will cause constipation relief. To maintain the health of the helpful bacteria, always take a glass of yogurt every day.

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