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Holistic Sculptress

My life just six short years ago, in 2006, was fraught with struggle and overwhelm. I was desperately overweight, ensnared in addiction and felt hopelessly depressed. But a defining, life-changing moment one fateful night changed the course of my life forever. Following an alcohol induced meltdown, I experienced the fear and shame of being found collapsed on the bathroom floor. Choice beckoned. Cling to the pattern of codependency and addiction or take a leap of faith, into the unknown? In the rawness of my recovery I began to connect with those hidden aspects of my being that I had buried. Aspects relating to childhood experiences that had given rise to emotional trauma and distress. Somehow this act of courage guided me to explore the gift of vulnerability. The dreams of my heart were calling me to LIVE INTO true, authentic being.

Through the gift of grace I've transformed my entire experience, I sculpted 84 pounds off my body and healed the pattern of addiction (I've been in active sobriety for six years). Reflecting on those dark years before that precious defining moment, I feel so much gratitude because I can gaze back with a sense of freedom. For over thirteen years I struggled with my weight and issues relating to being unable to control my eating habits. At my lowest point, my spiraling weight tipped the scales at two hundred and twenty nine pounds, plunging me into a deep depression. I felt completely trapped in my body

Now, through my own incredible transformation I have shaped the body - and life of my dreams. As my weight began to dissolve, I became a fitness coach at one of the world’s leading fitness facilities for women. It was my dream job! I learnt so much about myself and the patterns of conditioning that create so much pain, distress and overwhelm. Inspired, I got certified through the Australian Institute of Fitness as a Master Trainer. I have since moved with my family from Australia to the United Kingdom, the land of my dreams! My mission is to expand my reach, from serving women in my local area - to sharing my message with the world. I'm currently writing a book called The Secret Sculptress, while concurrently establishing a holistic fitness coaching business.

My greatest heart wish is to share the gift of transformation. Everything that I live into is sculpted around the resolve to transform patterns of suffering through the light of truth, understanding and compassion. As a transformational Body Sculptress, I love inspiring free-spirited women to live into their dreams. Within every heart shines a radiant truth, may you be inspired to connect with that boundless energy, vitality, wisdom and expression from within.

My Secret Epiphany: “So often we externalise the search for answer, when all the while, you already hold shining key”

Holistic Sculptress
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“Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.”~ Rumi

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