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Well my story isn't quite complete yet as I'm in the middle of a diagnosis. I have one but my Dr and I haven't discussed it yet. I've been experiencing shortness of breath and fatigue. I've also been retaining fluid horribly all for the last 6 to8 months. I went to a cardio Dr and my ekg was of a little so we then went for a nuclear stress test and that showed a possible blockage in my heart. So from there I had to have a cardiac catheterization. My diagnosis from that is a stiff heart. So now I'm trying to figure out exactly what this means and a prognosis...especially what the life expectancy is as I have 2 daughters. One is 15 and the other is 5. I'm all they have and I need to know what is in-store for us and what if any arrangements need to be made. Plus I'm only 35 years old. Whatever this is it shouldn't be happening at least not yet and from what I've read this is not good

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