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Hi there, to all of you who are on this Site. Myself I was just surfing and got to this site, amazing! A site that woman can speak with other woman, or even perhaps a OBGYN, I think this Site is Fantastic! What I read at the very beginning amazed me.
The odor thing? Is there a real/true answer as to why? I hope so. As well, some Dr's will say that you don't need an internal b/c there is nothing there. Yes there is something there, a wall. It was my sister (bless her) that said what? Yes get an internal. She had found out via internal that she had cancer. When your Dr. says no you don't need an internal, think again!!

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"Family means the most, keep them close" "We are all of the same inside, don't discriminate" "Race, color, cread, does it matter? No, when we stick together as humans, we really do succeed" "When it really come's down to it, and we lose our parents', why is it then that we realize, they are/were our best friends" "You had your children, they left home. Yes we shed tears, maybe some felt like a burden had been lifted. We call them, we miss them, they come for visits', taking items they think they should have, they empty the fridge, when they lived at home, would have really unnerved us, now its' "Some things never change" Next thing you know, yes 9mths. really is a long time waiting, next thing you know, a beautiful baby, one that has inherited so much of our children, and "yes" ourselves. Yes we loved to see our children leave, but when you see that tiny little "world of wonder" of course we now want them around because we want to see that little one. So precious, beautiful, we then realize that "Gods' Wonder" has given us so much peace, we want our children back just to see how much that "Little One" either looks like their mother/father. Such a "Blessing" another generation not only or our children, now their children, now another Generation of not only our Child, but ourselve's as well. This is "Our Family" those that we are so proud of, and those little one's running around, we have been given life, love, care, such a beautiful relationship, such a wonder "We have really been given a Wonderful Life"

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