After 2,000 hours of yoga training with the master, Krentzman left her job as a physical therapist and began her own integrative yoga and physical therapy practice, and she has combined these disciplines for eight years, recognizing fascinating results with her patients in terms of their physical pain and overall state of being.

“Both neck and back pain is typically caused by poor posture throughout the day,” Krentzman said. “Most neck pain occurs when the chest and upper back is tight and the head tilts forward with the neck extended. This puts a lot of undue strain on the neck, which is constantly working against gravity to keep the head upright. When we work to correct the posture and open the chest, the neck can lengthen and the muscles are then free from overuse.”

As for low back pain, Krentzman indicated that this is mainly due to tightness in the upper back and hips, which is something many of us may experience as we slave away at our desks all day. Yoga postures can help to free the hips and mobilize the upper back, preventing pressure from building up in the lower back, which is a highly vulnerable area of the body in terms of pain and pressure.

“Yoga is wonderful for treating the cause of the problem as well as to help alleviate the symptoms related to muscle strain and compression,” Krentzman said.

To discover four simple yoga exercises for back and neck pain, click on the following link: In her article, Krentzman shows how you can begin to use the downward dog pose against a wall and a few other poses in the comfort of your own home to begin the healing of your back and neck pain. If you are ready to free yourself from that constant pain, take a peek at this article and study the poses. A pain-free existence and a tranquil state of mind can literally be just a few poses away!

When searching for a qualified yoga instructor in your area, ask co-workers and friend for instructors they recommend. There are many different types of yoga.