If you are seeking relief from neck and back pain, it is important to find an instructor who is knowledgeable about proper body alignment and yoga therapeutics.

As for how frequently you should engage in yoga, it all depends, but Krentzman recommends a minimum of three sessions each week to allow for a noticeable difference in your level of pain and in the changes that will undoubtedly occur in your body. It’s truly a transformational process. Be sure to give it at least six weeks’ attention. Chances are, you will be hooked from that point on!

Even after just one yoga session, you should feel more energetic and calmer. If you do notice any pain or discomfort while participating in your session, then speak to your instructor. It is quite possible you are taking the wrong type of yoga class.

If you are experiencing pain due to any type of injury, just a few weeks of yoga should provide a noticeable improvement in your symptoms. Of course, when you are consistent in your efforts to practice yoga, the benefits will be longer-lasting.

Now, I have to go find the nearest available wall and check out this downward dog pose. If it feels as good as it promises to feel, don’t expect me to be back at my computer – at least for the rest of the day!