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Just hoping someone can learn from my mistake. After almost two years of sex being our only issue and me flipping over rejection, he left me. Im devastated and hit with late perspective. How could I have thought at any time that yelling (about how hurt I was) would make my guy want to be with me more. I had seen him as this selfish, drinks and porn come before my girlfriend, kind of guy.. and that I always was the victim. I was so incredibly wrong, and can honestly say I lost someone I loved because I treat them badly or couldve acted differently. He said he still loves me but is much happier now (its been a week?). I get that stage one of a breakup is desperation and to say that you will change... but I really have and would act differently if given a chance. It takes the fear of losing someone for that perspective. Hes very stubborn, and I almost dont blame him- but Im not getting another shot. I wish there was a way to get him to understand that the only problem in our relationship (the cause to others maybe , but core) has been fixed- by me not him. I shouldve taken a coaxing/kind approach instead.

Really angry and late perspective. Its terrible that I had to learn a lesson, and lose someone I love in the process.

Anon x

July 23, 2011 - 1:02pm


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