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Anyone taking Yaz as new Birth Control?

By April 22, 2008 - 1:47pm
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I've been happy with the birth control pill (BCP) that I'm currently on (have been taking for 15+ years), and recently saw an advertisement for Yaz. Is anyone taking Yaz, and/or do know more information about it? (I've looked at the Yaz website, and they claim that this pill helps with premenstrual symptoms and other emotional stuff that would help me!).

I remember one of my respected doctors from years ago saying that a BCP being advertised as "the only" pill that helps with acne (Loestrin, I think?) and she said that was just advertising; most combination pills (at that time) had the same two hormones, so they all help with acne in similar ways (she acknowledged that although BCP had similar hormones, different women reacted differently to the various types of BCP...). So, I'm wondering if Yaz is just being advertised as being "the only" pill helping with premenstrual emotional problems, when most combo pills do the same thing?

Anyways...just wondering about your experience with Yaz. I love my current BCP because I don't have cramps or any physical side effects....just the negative emotional effects that would be nice to have diminished.


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Anonymous (reply to Veronica)

im not really happy with yaz i had just started taking them 2 months ago and since then my period was scary lite it lasted one day but the cramps that came with it the days before were unbearable i called out of work for my first period on the pill. then when my period ending i started spotting for 2 weeks out of the blue. now my back hurts like hell all the time and i recently found out i got a uti. then my libido has dropped to the point the intercourse is not something that interest me. i've been way more moody then when i wasn't on yaz .i would love for any one to recommend me another type of bc because im not really happy with yaz. but again to every woman they could act differently to the hormones.

November 10, 2009 - 11:43pm
(reply to Anonymous)

thanks for your reply! I may have mis-spoke (typed?), as I've "been on the same BCP for 15+ years", but I'm given the most recent version. I think? My current hormone dose is: 0.15 mg of desogestrel and 0.03 mg of ethinyl estradiol. Are those "current", or does the dose change drastically, depending on the type of pill? What is the normal range of hormones for BCP? I've never thought to find out!!

My negative moods that I'm having only happen 2-3 days per month, and are not severe. It's strange...those few days, though, I feel like I'm being taken over by my hormones...I cognitively know that I don't want to hate my husband or world, but on those days anything that people close to me say or do puts my feelings into a whirlwind of anger and irritation. It's strange! I've learned that it is "just my hormones" and if I wait it out a few days, I am not angry or mad at my hubby anymore. (oh...don't get me wrong! We have plenty of disagreements over the years...I'm talking about him asking me if I'd rather have chicken or pork for dinner, and I am ANGRY at him for asking me on those 2-3 days).

On other BCP that I've tried, I've had headaches and cramping. This one I do not; just the negative mood thing. So, I chalk it up to having to decide on what type of side effect I want to prevent from my BCP. I am tired of these drastic negative moods, though... is there a BCP that prevents both physical and emotional changes (and doesn't have side effects like messing with potassium levels?).

Thanks so much!!

May 3, 2008 - 5:44am

I'm having great experience with Yaz, and have been on it for about a year. I was having some bad PMS issues, but since I've been on Yaz, my moods have been very stable every month.

April 22, 2008 - 2:11pm
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