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Do you care about Valentine's Day?

By February 11, 2009 - 11:35am
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It's funny. Valentine's Day has never meant much to me, at least not since elementary school days, when the number of Valentines in your box
were a direct representation of how popular you happened to be.

Every year, of course, Valentine's Day seems to get bigger, much like other holidays. The world is filled with roses, special dinners, gifts, television commercials for diamonds, and all kinds of tips on what to do for your special guy or girl on that day.

But I'm wondering how many of us do actually love Valentine's Day? I have six close women friends, and only one of them would say that she loves the day (and as she moves into her 30s, I think her interest is waning). That's not much of a ratio.

Is it a holiday for show? Have roses in the office just replaced the valentines of elementary school? Do we really want to make an arbitrary big deal out of February 14, or do we do it because it's expected?

I'm thinking it's gotten to be far more of the latter. Don't get me wrong -- I'm happily married, and I love it when my husband does something special for me. I love flowers or cards just as much as the next person. But it means more to me if it comes on an ordinary day than when it comes on a day that has become almost a required performance.

What about you? Are you like my friend who still looks forward to it as a romantic day? Or has Valentine's Day lost its charm?

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I am like you, Kristin, I like the romance of it...but don't expect very fancy, expensive gifts...just something thoughtful...like the vegan chocolates I love or something inexpensive and pretty.
I am not cynical about soppiness or romanticism, though I think that some people make a little too much of it.
I like to show my man that I care....and for him to show me that he cares by doing thoughtful things for each other every day, not just on this particular day but it IS nice for a girl to feel a little bit special once in a while and I tend to think that Valentine's day is more for the girls.
I like to be grabbed and kissed and to be surprised with a flower or the promise of a dinner made for me!
Sometimes it seems to me that to embrace the soppiness in life is just to be in love....

February 11, 2009 - 3:42pm

While we were married, my ex and I never made a big deal at all about Valentine's Day. In fact we were pretty cynical about it. We'd exchange cards, like you and your husband, SusanC, but that's it. Now, I've recently felt like we were missing out on a chance (market-driven or not) to do something special for each other -- to just get swept away in the "holiday" just for the fun of it. Now I'm dating this amazing guy who I'm very much in love with, and I think it will be really fun to enjoy the romance of Valentine's Day. We're actually going out on a "date" the evening of Valentine's -- him, me and my three kids. We're all getting really dressed up and going to a really nice restaurant downtown, and then going to see the Phoenix Symphony and Arizona Ballet Co. perform "Romeo & Juliet." I don't know how much more romantic you could get for Valentine's Day! I'm really excited to actually be doing something for this one.

February 11, 2009 - 3:29pm
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