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Due to have a hysterectomy but am scared to death after viewing a video about side effects!

By April 5, 2009 - 4:04pm
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I have generally accepted my doctor's recommendation that I have a hysterectomy due to a very large uterine fibroid (15 cm) that is displacing my bladder. I also have cysts on my one remaining ovary so that's supposed to come out too. But after viewing a video link from your website, I don't know what to do. It was reported that 80% of women experience serious quality of life issues afterwards. I don't like those odds! Are there women out there who don't have serious problems after a hysterectomy? The link I viewed was from a Share story called Female Anatomy: http://hersfoundation.org/anatomy/index.html. I also have a history of breast cancer.

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Anonymous, it is difficult to live with pain and bleeding. The Hysterectomy Educational Resources and Services (HERS) Foundation may be able to help you determine what is causing your symptoms. When the cause is known, HERS will help you find a gynecologist who has the skill to offer conservative treatment options.

You can watch the short trailer of HERS New York conference at www.hersfoundation.com. Listen to a panel of hysterectomized women discuss how hysterectomy has changed their lives; hear the keynote speaker, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, talk about the Outrage everyone should feel about the surgical abuse of women; and listen to a gynecologist who said "You never, ever need a hysterectomy for fibroids".

Nora W. Coffey
President, HERS Foundation

October 29, 2011 - 6:39am
EmpowHER Guest

Last post was posted by Jiggaz31.....

October 29, 2011 - 1:55am
EmpowHER Guest

The woman who came to my defense is now dead. Hysterectomy took her life. She suffered with the aftermath of hysterectomy from 2003 until January 2011. Her story is posted on my web site in her own words. She was lied to by her doctor as so many women are about needing surgery and then lied to about what was amputated. She suffered terribly. She lost everything after being hysterectomized and then she lost her life and all due to a surgery she did not need in the first place.

From personal experience and from talking with hundreds of women who have been hysterectomized and castrated; I have learned that this surgery almost always causes more problems than it solves. And..... there is no going back. Once your organs have been amputated; they're gone for good. The consequences are many; including heart disease, bone loss, brain diseases, various types of cancer, extreme depression, chronic fatigue, memory loss, vision loss, bladder prolapse, bowel obstruction, sexual dysfunction, etc., etc. The list is endless......

Hysterectomy is rarely ever necessary and is rarely performed for life-saving reasons. Hysterectomy is big business. Read the article posted on my site 'Sure Doctor: You Can Have My Uterus'. Gynecologists are surgeons. They can only make a living by delivering babies and by amputating women's sex organs. In my opinion, any surgery that is irreversible is a fundamental violation of human rights; especially when most women do not give 'informed consent' or any consent at all. Any kind of mutilation is barbaric. Hysterectomy and castration is mutilation and is barbaric. America leads the world in the number of hysterectomies performed. Greed is the reason for most hysterectomies; greed on the part of the gynecologists and the drug companies.

To the last poster..... I think you have made a very wise decision to hold onto your organs and remain an 'intact woman'. Since my hysterectomy, I feel like stepping out in front of a train every day and many women do become suicidally depressed (as many as 73%) after hysterectomy and castration. There is no 'fix' for this depression. Dr. Stanley West addresses this issue in his book 'Hysterectomy Hoax'. Dr. West warns women to avoid hysterectomy at all cost unless cancer is present for certain. He does not recommend hysterectomy for other reasons. There are so many alternatives to hysterectomy. Dr. Mitchell Levine who spoke at the HERS conference in NY also warns women that hysterectomy should be a last resort and also warns the hysterectomy should not be performed for fibroids. He went as far as to refer to the female sex organs as sacred.

I would give anything if I had never met the gynecologist who stole my healthy organs. That gynecologist crushed every hope and dream I had for my future... crushed every hope and dream into dust. My life is a nightmare and there is no hope that it will get better. Herein lies the real problem with hysterectomy. You can never go back. You can never get your organs back or the life-sustaining hormones and chemicals they produced.

October 29, 2011 - 1:54am
EmpowHER Guest

I have two friends who lived in constant pain from endometriosis, cysts, and fibroids who had the operation and have had no problems. They both are more productive in life, their job, etc. I too am having complications with fibroids (we think) and considering it only because my doctor said the uterus has to go with the fibrioids or I could potentially bleed to death. He said it's no guarantee that the uterus will make it when the fibroids are removed because of the bleeding. My status is that I have so much pain that I feel like stepping out in front of a train some days. Other than live on pain killers, I haven't found any alternatives yet. I'm still searching, but I agree with all of these women that many doctors do not provide alternatives and worst - do not inform you of anything. I guess you are expected to do the research on your own?? I am skeptical because my doctor over the phone says, "So, do you want to schedule the hyst.?" and we don't even know what all the issues are. Everything could be fine in there for all I know. I am 40 and do have 2 very young kids. Because I'm not planning on any more children, the doctor jumps to the hyst. solution to the pain. But I'm not sure I want to close that door yet. You just never know. I feel like if my uterus is gone then there will be some reason I will need it. I'm scared & after reading these posts would rather stay on narcodics and keep my sex life and my athletic abilities until I find another answer to this. Thank you for this wonderful site. It will definitely make me research all options first.

October 26, 2011 - 9:17am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

Anonymous, your gynecologist sounds like the typical creep that can't even tell you what is wrong, but wants to amputate your uterus yesterday. They like to use scare tactics, like you might bleed to death, to manipulate you into the unnecessary surgery. If that doesn't work, then they also typically toss around the word "cancer". With the diagnostic tests available today, there is no mystery to what issues you may have. You are just being kept in the dark because he wants to remove your uterus because that's how he makes his living. Run the other direction! Before I was hysterectomized and castrated, I had light normal periods and awesome orgasms. What has replaced that is chronic pain, bloating and an inability to orgasm. My stomach and abdomen are so distorted from the mutilation that there no resemblance to what I used to look like. I've had up to 15-20 extreme hot flashes a day where I am just dripping wet, where prior to that I was always cold and very rarely got sweaty even when I was exercising. I've been an avid walker all my life, but after about a year, my joints started hurting so bad I could hardly walk where prior I never had a joint pain (didn't even know what it was). Not being able to hardly walk forced me to start using hormone therapy which I am still angry about because they come with their own set of risks and it's impossible to duplicate the intricate workings of your female sex organs. I don't feel well, but at least I can walk now. It's not a choice anyone should ever have to make. I'm sorry you are having so much pain and bleeding, but there is help out there that doesn't include mutilating you. Please save yourself. I would also suggest that you contact the HERS Foundation and learn what your condition is and what the alternatives are which include procedures and information that you will not hear from your doctor. Good luck, and take care. :-)

October 29, 2011 - 12:57pm
EmpowHER Guest

Sounds like the vendetta comment hit a sore spot.

October 14, 2010 - 8:03am
EmpowHER Guest

Sounds more like a vendetta.

October 11, 2010 - 8:48am

leaving the conference in tears of joy.... i missed that. one woman i saw leave in tears was crying because she was told several times that there is no hope for her now that she has been hysterectomized. i heard this conversation take place and it broke my heart. hers were not tears of joy. i personally do not find listening to horror stories about hysterectomy helpful or empowering. i also do not find lawyers and doctors who are making money from women who have been hurt by hysterectomy empowering either. most people have an agenda and that agenda may not be as noble as you might think.... just food for thought. i find them depressing. i was looking for hope. i was looking for something other than what some of you were obviously looking for. as i said in an earlier post, one size does not fit all. there are many organizations, web sites, etc. related to hysterectomy that are helpful; including the hers site. i personally needed to move on to a place of hope and healing in my life post-hysterectomy and i did not find that place at the hers conference. that is just my own peronal experience and that is all i'm sharing. for me, i was ready to move beyond the horror stories and find hope and healing. i had to look elsewhere for that. there is a time for everything though and i realize that. for women who have heard the horror stories and who are living one; i merely want to share that there is hope in god. he can restore in ways that no man can ever restore. i know this from a lifetime of hurt, tragedy and hysterectomy.

October 11, 2010 - 7:33am
(reply to Jiggaz31)

Jiggaz31 - Great comment, and I feel the same way. I had a Hyst., and hoped by attending the Hers Conference held a few years ago in Pasadena, Ca.; I would come away with answers and also "hope" on how to get better after all the physical complications I suffered, 'Post-Hysterectomy". I suffer now with many; plus my once great 'sexual drive' with my husband has diminished into 'nothingness'. I was a 'sex kitten' before, and this is what shocks me. The physical is enough to bear with the problems I live with now; plus for me personally, I never should have had a major surgery as this, being I already had a nerve disease called 'Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy'. The GYN knew this; yet he still pushed me into having the Hyst.; yet, he not once suggested alternatives for two small fibroids. I could have even done 'nothing'. I know the surgery caused the nerve disease to even spread further. Doctors do not tell females of the nerves severed, ligaments and tendons cut, and all the other - by having such a huge type of surgery. I cringe whenever I think about this now. My problem was having faith and trust in a long time doctor I had seen. I know now he was just out for a profit and had greed in his heart. He even pushed to have my healthy ovaries out also (did a scare tactic on me with those too), wanted to take out my appendix also, "As long as I am in there, I might as well take your appendix. You don't need it. Then I can take your birthmark off on your labia, so you don't have to deal with that any longer." Well, it never bothered me or my husband. I look back on this now, and he had money and profit only on his mind with me, and it was as if I was a body of products he could ring up and charge for, and he was the 'cash register'. He was trying to ring up all he could to charge me with, and I am so sick whenever I think about this.

But getting back to Jiggaz's comment: I agree. I went to this Hers conference hoping for answers for help in the aftermath of the awful way I felt after my Hyst.; yet, I came away with no further information of helping me physically, basically. I did learn a lot. I was glad to watch the videos at the conference, but I, like others I spoke with at the conference, went there for the same reason; yet, they did not come away with these type of answers we were so searching for.

I am glad that the Hers Foundation does so much. Do not get me wrong here. I commend all who work so hard at the foundation. Truly, I do. I only would hope a part of future conferences could be dedicated to providing information, direction for help, hope, and guidance for we who are disabled and castrated now, and suffering.

My Hyst. has not only affected me, but also my beautiful husband, who still supports me. It has affected my children. Their mother is not the same. They don't understand; however. This is so tough, all the way around.

I was dismayed to read the next comment by Anonymous. I do hope this was not directed to 'Jiggaz31'. That was an awful comment. "Vendetta"? For goodness sakes - she was stating exactly what as I am saying how I felt with leaving the conference I attended, and also how so many others felt who I spoke with who attended the one I did.
She was not stating this in vengence or being vindictive. I think she is owed an apology if this is who you directed this comment to...

We surely want to strive to get the 'H Word' out there to females, and have people read Nora Coffey's and Rick Schweikert's book; plus see the 'play' in video, and the other video provided by Hers. This is to help women before they get the castration done to their bodies, and needless Hysts. done; but, we have to help (just like me) the women who have already had this hideous crime done to our bodies, and what we can do to survive in the aftermath of this. If it is truly 600,000 females per year having this demonic surgery done; we are out there, surely. What about us??? There is no 'hostility' involved with Jiggaz's comments (a meaning for "Vendetta"). Anonymous, if this was directed to her/him; as I said, an apology is in order...

October 14, 2010 - 1:17am

I must have been one of the women leaving in tears. A bunch of us got together after the conference to talk about what a relief it was to hear all of the wonderful speakers who told the truth that hysterectomy damages women. We were crying because it was a relief to finally hear the TRUTH from DOCTORS and lawyers and politicians. We felt VALIDATED - at long last! So many people in the discussion after the speakers said how WONDERFUL it was to be at the conference. Watch a trailer of the conference on the HERS website, you'll see what I mean.

September 24, 2010 - 8:36am
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