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how do I know if I'm pregnant?

By September 19, 2009 - 6:15pm
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So the date of my last menstrual period was somewhere between August 5 and 10. I honestly don't remember when it started, it has always been irregular. Anyways, it only lasted a few days and then I had sex a couple of weeks after, and on September 4 and 8th. This is around when I was supposed to have started again right? The reason I'm concerned is that on the 4th, I had sex and we used the pull-out method, which I see now was a bad idea. It is now the 20th and I haven't had my period yet for this month. This isn't normal for me. I always get it every month, even if it's just a few days late. Now, it's almost 3 weeks late. I'm trying not to freak out right now, but it's getting harder every day I don't start. What are signs of pregnancy? This is all new for me. I don't know what to look out for. Right now, my abdomen is a little bloated (normal for before a period right?). I get an occasional cramp, but nothing like what I would get with PMS. Also, my breasts are a little sensitve (this does NOT happen ever before my period.) And I seem to be set off more lately by the smallest of annoyances. I also am a lot more touchy than normal (with PMS I mean) and I have started being more tired lately and therefore crying when I get frustrated and tired. As in, crying for absolutely no reason and feeling stupid afterwards for being so emotional. Can someone please explain all of this to me? I'm afraid to go see my doctor for a test. If I am pregnant, I would more than likely be all alone in this situation. And can someone help me figure out the timeline, based on my last period and when I had unprotected sex? Please any advice will help.

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I am sorry you are worried, let's see if we can help.

Today is September 20th, and that means your cycle has been 50 days long (or, as you said, you are about 3 weeks late for your period).

The only way to know if you are pregnant, and you do not want to go to a doctor yet, is to use an over-the-counter home pregnancy test. These can be found at any drugstore or grocery store for $10-$20.

The symptoms you are describing can be stress-induced or caused from hormone fluctuations in your body (our hormones are always "fluctuating" throughout our cycles).

The first sign/symptom of pregnancy is a missed period, which you have had. Other signs of pregnancy are similar to pre-menstrual syndrome or an upcoming period, as they are both hormone-related. These may include headaches, back ache, acne, change in moods, cramping, gas, bloating, fatigue. Most women who are not "trying" to become pregnant, and never have experienced a pregnancy before, do not have noticeable symptoms of pregnancy until they are much further along in their pregnancy. Sure...there may be symptoms, but as I mentioned, they are so similar to symptoms of a period that you can not differentiate the two (until after the fact: when you get your period, they were period-related symptoms. if you find out you are pregnant, then you will know they were pregnancy-related symptoms).

I wish we could provide other information, but you will need to take a pregnancy test. If the test comes back positive or negative, you will need to call your doctor either way, as your doctor will also want to see you to rule out any medical conditions for a late period. It is also worth mentioning that some women do skip a month in their period, for seemingly no apparent reason...so this does happen.

Please let us know what the test says, and if you need any additional information or support either way.

September 20, 2009 - 6:05am
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Is this the right info

December 11, 2012 - 8:25am
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