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Ideas for Boosting Your Energy

By April 24, 2008 - 9:30am
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Does anyone have any (legal) ideas on how to boost your energy? I exercise, eat well, manage stress, etc. Have tried Vitamn B, but didn't have any luck with that either. Other than drinking an obscene amount of coffee, can anyone offer any tips?

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In your message, the "etc." leads me to believe that you've already thought of the obvious: sleep well at night to boost your energy during the day!

However, it may not be so obvious HOW to sleep well at night. The National Sleep Foundation (www.sleepfoundation.org) has wonderful "Healthy Sleep Tips", as well as information on Sleep Apnea and other sleep disorders/conditions.

Here are some sleep tips:
- keep same sleep/wake time: even on weekend!
- healthy sleep environment: cool, dark & quiet
- avoid exercise too close to bedtime

Is your lack of energy possibly occurring around 3pm in the afternoon? If so, that is a perfect time for a walk-break, as your fatigue may be from doing a mundane task at work or home that you've lost momentum in tackling. A short, brisk walk (indoors, outdoors, stairwell, etc) can rejuvenate your mind and provide new perspective.

Another reason for an afternoon slump is your blood-sugar levels may be low; lunch has ended a few hours back, dinner won't be for another 3+ hours. You mention that you eat well, exercise, etc... you may think a "snack" is unhealthy, when actually, it can give you a GREAT energy boost, and keep you from "over-eating" at dinner! So, what's the best thing to eat? A combination of protein and a carbohydrate provides the best afternoon snack to fill you up and energize you.

Here are some healthier snack options:
- cheese and pretzels (whole wheat, low salt)
- pita bread and cucumber-yogurt dip
- peanut butter and crackers (whole wheat)
- lunchable-type snack that you make yourself (not as much sodium): deli meat, cheese and whole wheat cracker
- milk and apple (yup! apple counts as a carb; lots of sugar!)
- hard-boiled egg and wheat toast
- handful of whole almonds are satisfying, too!

Let us know if you've tried these ideas already, and/or tell us more about your need for an energy boost.

April 24, 2008 - 1:27pm
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