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I'm pregnant and not getting no answers from any doctors or hospitals!

By June 24, 2012 - 4:10pm
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Okay, so I posted a question a couple weeks ago. About could I possibly be pregnant or not? And who's would it be my rapist or my fiancee? I'll repost a few things to give you a better picture, and hope and pray that someone can help me, since i been to 3 different doctors and they aren't doing nothing for me. My last 3 periods were April 4, 2012-April 23, 2012-and May 21, 2012. I use the "my days" application for my smart phone and according to that, my cycle is approx. 25 days. According to ovulation calculators, I was expected to ovulate June 1, 2012. I had intercourse with my fiancee May 30, 2012. And was raped June 4, 2012. I went to the hospital to be checked and they gave me a shot. Gave me a urine test, but drew no blood. As of June 4, 2012 I was not considered pregnant because the hospital did not detect it in my urine. My expected period was due June 15, 2012. My best friend who I am around everyday of my life our periods interact with each other. When she gets hers, I get mine either the following day or the day after. Never Fails! She got her period June 14, 2012. And well mine never came. About 4-5 days before my period was due I decided to start taking pregnancy test. The ones I bought from Dollar General that only cost $1 would show a SLIGHT FAINT positive, after about 10 minutes. The more exspensive brands, showed negatives. I took another pregnancy test June 18, 2012 and positive it was. So I made a doctors appointment and went and was checked and the doctor didn't check my urine or order any blood test. So I went to see another doctor, and that doctor did the exact same thing. So seeing that I am determined to try and figure out who the possible father is I am getting frustrated when I get no answers! So last night I decide to go to a different emergency room and see if they can help me, or give me the slightest clue of anything. Well the ER doctor last night was awesome, and caring! He checked my urine, positive for pregnancy, and then drew my blood to do a HCG level test, the test came back at a HCG level of 335. He wanted to do an internal ultra sound on me last night June 24, 2012. But could not because the ultra sound tech was not there, so scheduled me to come back this morning still same day June 24, 2012 at 8 am for an ultra sound. When I arrived this morning I asked the ultra sound tech about how far am I? She said that with my HCG level being 335 i am about 1-3 weeks pregnant. (So in my mind i'm like F*%K, it's my rapist!) She then starts the internal ultra sound. I'm watching the screen and she's not telling me nothing. But from already having a child, I pretty much know the process and what I am looking at. Plus I am the google queen and google everything for a answer if I do not know it. As she is doing the ultra sound, she is telling me that she will most likely not be able to see anything as to according to my HCG level of 335 i am only 1-3 weeks. But during my ultra sound you could see the sack perfectly, and on the screen the sack looked to be around the size a little bigger than a jumbo egg. Then I can tell also, that she looked for a heart beat. I was watching the screen and saw a straight line then the line started going up and down and then all of a sudden I heard a WOOO WOOO WOOO like the sound of a baby's heart beat when a doctor would let you listen to the heart beat at a normal check up. So that caught me off gaurd a little bit, because if im only 1-3 weeks according to my HCG level there should be no heart beat yet. She finishes up the ultra sound and I get dressed, and I ask her again, so you said that I'm about 1-3 weeks right? And she says, well according to your HCG level but the ultra sound shows different. So I ask what? She then says she's not the doctor so she can't say anything to me. Well thanks! That upset me. I understand she's not the doctor, but why can't you tell me something about my own ultra sound. The ER doctor told me that my insides look great, no bleeding, no nothing, cervix is closed and all that. So everything looks great, the only thing that is not looking great is WHO IS THE MOST LIKELY TO BE THE POSSIBLE FATHER???? And why would this ultra sound tech say that with my HCG levels i'm between 1-3 weeks, then say she's not the doctor she can't tell me nothing. And why did I hear a heart beat? So how far along am I really? Can some one please help me, and help me ease my mind a little until I can get a GOOD doctor that will listen. Thank You~

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Hi brazybabee25,

Welcome to EmpowHER.  Sorry to hear this. The ultrasound tech is not suppose to discuss the results with you.  The results will be sent to the doctor who requested it and he will be the one to explain the findings of the ultrasound with you. The only way to know who is the father, is waiting to have a paternity test done once the baby is born.

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June 25, 2012 - 11:37am
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