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Should i be concerned about my brain?

By January 12, 2012 - 12:35pm
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Hi, i joined here now because i don't know what else to do anymore.

I have notices very weird things, i feel like i am suddenly dyslexic (literally), its has become so bad that sometimes i struggle to read time in a 24hour format, this is one of many things that feel like my brain can't interpret. i am a fairly intelligent girl and i feel like im losing my brain function.

i get confused with things i think, things i say and things i dream. i would tell a story about something that happened in detail and then it never happened (for example: i once asked my husband where that nice red fox shirt is that he wore to one of our friends braai's and he didnt understand, we havent been at this friends house for a braai before, but i can remember it in detail, so i assume i dreamt it), when i think of something (like when my husband leaves the house i tell him to remember to buy milk, when he comes back without milk then i get upset, but he says i never asked him - but i remember saying it, him responding and leaving - then i assume i think i told him and played the whole part out in my head, but it didnt happen) and then last but not least i will say things and never remember that i said them.

Sometimes i cant remember how to spell my own daughters name and its a simple name. when i say i have a terrible memory, its literally not being able to tell you what i had for supper, getting lost in my hometown where i have been for over 20 years....

i have severe hair loss, its so bad i dont even want to brush my hair anymore.

in the past 2 weeks i have noticed that my hearing has become stronger, when i am upstairs in my bed, i can hear the hamster downstairs running on her wheel like its literally happening in my ear, every sound is 10times stronger than ever before, some days i cry because i get so irritated with my husband and daughter (of 4 years old) that i snap and scream "Shut up, please" and im not like that and they arent loud or any different than before.

i constantly feel nauseous almost all the time, i cant even take food out of the freezer anymore, i feel like i want to pass out. I cant even wipe my daughters boogers (snot) off anymore, i want to throw up.

my muscles are also starting to pain, especially my left arm, from the middle top to just below my elbow, its a painful pain, for someone who never cries it can bring tears to my eyes.

I dont know what any of this means, i am going to go and see my doctor, but last year i had pins in needles in my face and they didnt seem to know how to treat it. i got pins and needles in my face, felt like passing out and lost sight for a few seconds.

Im NOT someone who has aches and pains, i hardly ever get sick, i hardly ever go to the doctor and i usually wait until i can't handle something and then i pop in quick.

the nausea, hearing and confusion with numbers has been going on for about 2 weeks now and i am starting to worry. when i brushed my hair this evening and saw the amount of hair coming out when i just let my fingers run though my hair scared me and thats why i started looking for possible things that might be wrong, but i cant find it.

i feel like my brain is dying or im losing my mind....i can write for hours, but i think you have an idea.

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Please don't feel bad about yourself. If the cause of your behavior and symptoms is an underlying medical condition, it is not your fault. With proper testing, the answer will be found and treated. Hang in there:)


January 13, 2012 - 6:30pm

thanks so much, i am going to try my best to get this sorted out. i feel like a little monster in the house, everyone walks circles around me. But i will go to the doctor as soon as he is back here. i did go for normal brain scans last time, but apparently i should consider an MRI or something like that.

January 13, 2012 - 4:26am

I do have an idea of what you are going through, just don't know what is the underlying cause.

I would think that you need a complete, thorough physical examination. You may need to be evaluated by a neurologist because of the memory issues, sensation of pins and needles, which is called paresthesia, and your heightened sense of hearing.

Keep that appointment with your doctor. Write down all the things that you have been experiencing. Ask your husband to help with the list, if necessary.

Don't give up until you get answers,


January 12, 2012 - 6:06pm
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