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By Anonymous April 20, 2014 - 7:17am
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I've had some useful advise and would like to know if anyone knows of a way of dealing with an extremely weak immune system, I also have another issue related to health and well-being.

I have an autoimmune disease IBD which has a host of other issues interrelated. I can't have anyone exchange their saliva with me. I have noticed over the years that my body takes on another persons disease. It is so weird and no doctor believes me. So I can catch another peoples disease if it is airborne, sneezing or sharing a glass or having their saliva on finder food. I don't kiss men but at one point I had a man try to do this a few times ( I was assaulted so I don't really go there any more).

After being assaulted I got scabby scare spots that don't heal, then I noticed other things after men tried to put their tongue in my mouth for example, one guy had enormous eyes and red veins - I clearly remember becoming sick for over 6 weeks, down with a flu like virus but really sick with red eyes. I then got bulging eyes and red veins in my eyes, I also got this nasty type of skin, I never had before. It was rough skin, nasty and dry on my legs that came up with spots and just unsightly skin. This is all due to another's saliva. I then got another's stomach issues - extreme bloating and terrible pain, not related to IBD. This was different, he mentioned having a bloated stomach that he could not get rid off and this arsehole spread his disease through his DNA. My stomach bloats like crazy, my IBD showed itself only so often but this affected my upper intestines.

Then another put his fingers in his mouth then on my food. I got all his wrinkles - he smoked and had nasty wrinkles for the age he is. I couldn't and still don't believe this crap. My face tingled then went into over drive and you should see the wrinkles now, and I DON'T SMOKE I'm not of an age to have wrinkles like this and it accelerated and I felt it. This crap is real and I don't know what to do. My body seems to have no defences AT ALL. I physically feel the wrinkles now and see them - I could not make this up.

I also want help on dealing with something I keep noticing, every time I work I realsie I'm being attacked by white females, first they don't want you earning the same money as them or being the same position and they try hard, so hard to push you out of a job and make you look bad. I want to know how to combat this behaviour, because I keep seeing it and it is really impacting on my livelyhood and my ability to hold down my job. I keep seeing it. I worked within interior design and there was scope to move up, I realised quickly that the females not only didn't want me in the job they were trying so hard to push me out. So they use tactics of actual sabotage or reported that I used the toilet often, this was a direct result of stress - IBD and the brain work together. So if I am tense, my body picks up on this and it manifests itself into using the toilet. Can't help it. So my mind says I can handle something but the recesses of my brain pick up the stress and I go and go and go to the toilet.

So what these white females do is talk, sabotage run back to management and it is done blatantly and out of really hateful spite. Then I notice they like to talk down to black people and if you have an issue with this and happen to be new or complain, you are the problem. Hae you ever had a set of people talk to you as though you were subhuman, not get to know you but talk to you like absolute shit and then sit back and watch you react. This is the crap I keep experiencing, there's another thing. I keep myself fit and if as a black women you love yourself or show you like to take care of yourself and get make attention - white females hate this - absolutely hate it. I see this all the time. I remember working for HBA interiors and just having a few of the men look in my direction I got comments about how big my bum was in broad daylight in front of clientele, I mean rich clients as though to shoot me down. Another incident, more recently was a white female watching the men watch me. I lost my phone and because if the sensitive information on the phone I panicked. I had been raped and relayed this to a friend I had not been in contact for a while. It was as a text, now this women - white female seemed to follow me everywhere and made passing remarks on me for weeks on end in front of my face, that direct indirect commentary. SO i could be sitting in a particular location and she's make sure she was sitting there to make comments on everything I did. The manager, a white guy, took fancy to me and she started commenting openly just above where I worked 'oh, it's never going to happen' etc. This went on for weeks. Then she had people actually laughing at me about issues related to my work - openly. Since I'd lost my phone and she watched me run back and forth from the toilet - IBD started, she made comments on this then she mentioned indirectly an assault - looking in my direction. My phone was missing and this was the only person watching me like a hawk and following me around, even to the toilet. Now I am not working. I want to know if at all what tips one can offer to combat things like this. I get male attention - I get attention from all races, I was even raped by a white man.

I need to know what I am to do, I just seem to be that person. I then get stressed and deal with further issues and I really unsure what to do. I've mentioned being bullied, I am not one to complain about victimisation but I keep experiencing this and I get it from the same people - same white females. Tough skin and sucking it up doesn't count here, my body goes into overdrive even if I try to 'deal with it', my body tells me other things so it just makes the situation worse. I know this is an online community for women, so I need another perspective.

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EmpowHER Guest

Hi Anon,

Welcome to EmpowHER. Thanks for sharing your story, I hope here you will find others with this same problem in their lives as yours. I truly don't think it has to do with the color of skin. It's mainly about how you portray yourself in public. If you feel that someone at work is watching or harassing you, it might be best to discuss with your coworkers or your boss. Someone you can trust and explain your condition and it's symptoms. Hope this was helpful?



April 20, 2014 - 3:40pm
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