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Was I pregnant and did i have a miscariage?

By Anonymous March 10, 2011 - 8:19am
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My husband and I have been trying for a baby for about 6 months now with no prevail. However, I can’t help but wonder if I was pregnant and miscarried x2 months ago?
I was one and a half weeks late for my period when I done my first pregnancy test - which resulted negative. As I was experiencing no period cramps just tenderness of the breasts and bloatines of my tummy a couple of days later I done another one - which again resulted negative. The next morning which was a Friday; there was a tiny amount of spotting when I woke up so I just assumed that I had started my period. Throughout the rest of Friday and evening there was no more spotting or blood, again the same on the Saturday. However, whilst at home relaxing with some friends, I experienced the most painful stabbing sensation in my stomach which naturally made my crouch over the pain was so terrible, I went to the toilet to find that I was completely drenched in blood, my bottoms and down my inner thighs. I sat down on the toilet as the bleeding was so heavy, I passed a blood clot that I would have to guess was aprox 4-5cm long, immediately after that I felt like I had been kicked in the back. Extremely upset, in pain and quite confused, I cleaned myself up with the help of my husband, put on a pad and tried to carry on my evening as normal. About 20-30 mins later my legs were wet again, I went upstairs to check and I was completely drenched again. Sat down on the toilet because I felt like I kept needing to urinate and this time when I went to wipe a long strip of tissue came out (not a blood clot though this time) I was crying by this point because I didn’t know what was wrong - I had never had a period this bad before?? I cleaned myself up as best as I could because at this point I was unable to walk straight and crouched over the pain in my stomach and back were so bad. I continued to bleed that heavy for aprox 4 hours, needing to change my pads every 20-40mins, my husband phoned the NHS Direct as I didn’t want to phone the ambulance just in case it was just a period?! NHS Direct told us that it sounded like a miscarriage and that I needed to speak to an out of hours doctor, the doctor told me that I needed to do a pregnancy test the following morning and if it came up positive then I needed to go doctors straight away?! I had informed him that I had already done x2 tests prior to this heavy bleeding which came back negative. He told me to go to the walk-in centre if the pain continued.

The next day, the bleeding a died down to almost nothing but the pain was still un-bearable, I couldn’t eat anything, I had lost my appetite and I really dint want to go to the walk-in centre to waste doctors time to be told it was just a heavy period, although a really strong part of me felt like this was no period!! Later that Sunday afternoon my husband forced me to go to the walk-in, I had turned white like a sheet, no colour in my face and the pain was still intense.
I explained the symptoms etc to the triage nurse who said it sounded like a miscarriage but wanted to double-check with the on-site GP, after an urine test which ruled out pregnancy and an external examination - the doctor confirmed Gastroenteritis???!!! He advised me to go to A&E if the pain worsened, but I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing . . . . . . . I couldn’t wait to get out of there, he didn’t have a clue what was wrong with me?!
Can you help me? Doctors seem to work on facts, the fact that the pregnancy test showed negative does that mean I wasn’t pregnant as the pregnancy hormone levels are different in everyone.
My period after the above was regular and normal, but I’m now x6 days late for my current period and I’m scared that what happened is going to happen again?

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I do understand why you are frustrated, scared and confused! All of your symptoms do sound like either a very heavy and painful late period, or a miscarriage. I am honestly confused that your husband had to make you go to the doctor, and that you were not begging him to take you instead! Please, please...if you ever experience these symptoms again, you need to go to the E.R. Women's periods should not result in that type of extreme, sudden, intense or stabbing pain. Those are reasons alone to go to the E.R., whether you think it is a period or not. Secondly, if you ever soak through a pad or tampon more than once per hour (2 or more consecutive hours), and this type of abnormal heavy bleeding is new...you need to go to the E.R. or call your doctor. This type of abnormal bleeding indicates a problem, or that you have abnormal bleeding with your period that would need to be monitored.

With multiple negative pregnancy tests, it does indicate that you were not pregnant. However, there is no test that is 100% conclusive. Home pregnancy tests and in-clinic pregnancy tests are able to detect the smallest amounts of "pregnancy hormone" after your period is late, if you were pregnant.

We could speculate either way, and although I know you want definitive answers, there are none at this time. If you really want definitive answers, what you should do is follow the doctor's advice and seek more information from a doctor about possible gastroenteritis, as well as follow up with your GYN about your painful and excessive bleeding. You do not need to know if it was a period, miscarriage or medical condition before going to a doctor---you just need to know your symptoms, that it is abnormal for you, and your doctor can do the appropriate testing to make a diagnosis.

Talking with your doctor about your symptoms is your first step, so that you will know what to expect with future periods. Have you talked with your GYN about doing any testing to rule out certain medical conditions that may have caused the pain and excessive bleeding? Please call today if you have not done this yet, especially since you are almost a week late for your period and trying to conceive.

March 10, 2011 - 11:23am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Alison Beaver)

Thank you so much Alison for such a quick reply.
To be honest, when I mentioned it to my GP when i popped in for something else, she was very quick to dismiss it and laughed it off as a heavy period. She actually made me feel a bit silly that I even contemplated it could possibly be a miscarriage?! So i said to her, 'ok, if it wasn’t that, then what would have caused me to bleed soo heavy for just one day'? She said that this type of bleeding is very common in women as a one off, she just told me to keep an eye on it. But because I went in for a different reason, she didn’t really have time to discuss both . . . . :o(
I think im going to wait until this period comes - if it ever does and just see how it goes i suppose. Perhaps it was just a one off? If i get the same symptoms as previously experienced, I promise I will go hospital. Just keeping my fingers crossed now!
Thank you so much once again. :o)

March 11, 2011 - 5:22am
(reply to Anonymous)

Your doctor's reaction is unfortunate, but your negative pregnancy tests do indicate that your symptoms were more likely due to an exceptionally heavy period, and not related to a miscarriage.

Please keep us updated!

March 31, 2011 - 12:15pm
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