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By February 27, 2013 - 10:13am
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Hi, I want to get your opinion about something if you don't mind me asking. I don't want to name names but I know 3 people in my household who get on my nerves a lot and gets me stressed out. They have problems in weird ways and they don't understand it anyway what ever I tell them. I spoke to a psychologist on behalf of these 3 people and he is a out of network doctor I know. He told me is good to see a psychiatry regarding these 3 people. I'm still in process of looking for one. He told me speaking to them would give me a direction in what to do about these 3 people. The thing is for me I feel awkward going to a psychiatry I keep thinking they will think weird of me and I don't like it very much. I want to know what do you think of this? Should I still go? I know the source of my solution is to move out on my own but that's also a problem.

I was also wondering something else which is feeling nervous and stressed is there something to take to keep you relaxed? I keep thinking I should but I'm only 29 and I don't know if it's something I should take. Please let me know about this soon.

Thank You,

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Thanks for your reply. What kinds to me about these 3 people is a huge list of issues. Their is no way to compromise. I try to explain the easiest possible way they still don't get it. I question them a lot and you have no idea how much weird answers I get. This makes me yell and makes me nervous. I feel like this feeling is causing harm to my stomach and whenever I drink like a cup of tea I feel relaxed of course. I'm afraid to continue like this and cause me health problems especially to my stomach. What gets to me is their answers and behaviors I can see it is mental and emotional. I see a lot of misery from them and it's really exhausting.
They really don't understand my point. From all this I get very angry, sad and I end up crying feeling like I'm never going to get to a good point in life. I have a lot on my mind and when it comes to them it really, really gets to me in a bad way.
Here is an example since your telling me "try to find ways to do things just for yourself". I do this a lot and they find it that I'm selfish. You don't how much this bothers me. I'm 29 years old and in all these years I have done a lot of things in so many ways good ways and good things in the end when they see I did something good they don't care to notice it. They are like that. Things like this words can't explain situations like this. They don't also care to remember important things they only realize nonsense.
Anyway's since I mention to see a psyschologist is it right as being psychologist or psychiatry? Since I don't want them to think weird of me should I mention anything specific for not to think like this? Do you think is a good idea I write down everything to make it sound easier and bring it with me to the psychologist?
Thank You,

February 27, 2013 - 8:55pm

Hi Melissa,
I can completely understand where you are coming from. I am around the same age as you as well! You may want to think about what it is that truly gets to you about these 3 people. Is there a way for you to compromise? Perhaps you may approach the issues you are having in a less then ideal way, which may make them feel attacked and then your point and true feelings are not understood the way you had hoped. I'm sure these 3 people don't truly understand your stress.

Talking with a psychologist may help you get these feelings out. The psychologist also may give you advice on ways to better communicate. Talking with someone who doesn't know these people or you may help provide a different perspective. It definitely does not hurt to talk to someone. The fact that you are willing to means you want to work something out with these 3 people and better your relationship. Moving is one option, but why not explore all the options before making any decisions.

It sounds like this is eating at you, but you want to make it better so be proud of yourself for that.

As far as taking something to help you relax, that is definitely something to discuss with a doctor. But I will say that exercise is my favorite way to take time to myself, relax and do something just for me that benefits my mind and body. If I don't have some sort of "me time" where I don't have to worry or think about anyone else, I am a stressful person to myself and everyone around me. Try to find ways to do things just for yourself.

Hope that helps!

February 27, 2013 - 10:40am
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