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Where can I go for medical help when they missed me early for ovarian

By Anonymous September 29, 2010 - 4:46am
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I still need insight and outside help from you. I had an appointment the other day with an OBGYN. First the girl said she needed a urine sample. So I gave one. I was then asked for a copy of my medical records that I had brought in. The next thing I heard her say as she placed them back in the slot on the wall was this.[Doctor's name removed by EmpowHer Moderator] will not be needing a copy of your records. She then explained that they did not need my urine sample after all. I knew then what is in my medical records I brought was the reason why. They show too much and I know in my heart because of this no doctor is going to get involved and help me. He out talked everything I said. He kept on telling me I had nothing going on. He just sent me away and did nothing not even labs. He did do an internal ultrasound in regards to the pain. It hurt so bad to have this done. He dismissed it as being simply my bowels that hurt in there. They hit something in there that triggered my pain even more. I called to come back to him two days later because it is so painful in my womanly area. He asked me why I would think anything is going on here and I explained this. I swelled so bad and was sent for emergency appendicitis. It is circled in that report it was not my appendix. It was my ovaries that were stuck up and adhesive to the abdomen wall. My report reads that much fluid was found in my abdomen and suctioned out. It is circled the appendix appeared normal. I still kept swelling and I showed him the lymph node on my neck that showed up after that surgery and is still here. I then had an internal and external ultrasound done and this is when they sent me for a pelvic CT. This is when they found the tumor on the ovary and did the surgery. I tried to explain that my uterus was enlarged in this report and showed him the pictures of the nodules that had showed in the pelvic wall. I showed him the report of how a large red nodule then showed up on my leg. I have been very ill ever since this surgery. I then flunked my pap and the showings started in the breast next. I was later found in testing to have lesions showing on my bladder, liver, kidney, diaphragm and my right ovary was covered with cysts. He still would not listen to me and refused to do an external ultrasound or CT regarding my pain in this area. He even lied and said he could not order these only a primary doctor can. I know for a fact that any OBYGN can order these. I explained how my primary doctor just suddenly moved away and now my breast on the left is this swollen and all of the lymph nodes you can see by looking at them are swollen.

I had told him how I have sent out my medical records regarding all of this to ovarian cancer awareness sites and they told me to come back and fight him to do the testing needed and for the pain I have. He still refused and told me if I did not like his final answer I could go elsewhere. This is his way of telling me he will not be putting me on record or getting involved. I even had explained that had been in contact with you from the patient’s advocacy. He simply stated I should not listen to anyone especially advocacy places such as yours.
Tanya I am so dam sick. Not a little sick but very sick. Everything that I write to you about is true. I wish more than anything that it wasn't. There is no one out there who will go against another doctor or hospital and help me. I need your help Hun. This is me but could have so easily been your mother or sister or friend. Please help me to get the medical help I need in regards to how much is in my medical record and how much hurts in every organ in my body. I am so dam swollen and I can no longer eat. I do not have one organ left in my body that it hasn't traveled to. This is why he would not make a copy of my medical records. He does not want to be the one to step in or up in regards to this. This is why no one will help. I even explained to him that when that chest ct was done and showed lymphoma or metastic lesions I had a doctor who wanted to do a spinal to rule this out but another doctor jumped in to order himself. It states duplicate ordered, specimen cancelled and two different testing times going on. One of these was an hour and a half before my spinal was drawn. This doctor I know screwed with my spinal because a year prior to the tumor showing he had written a letter saying I had myself all worked up for abdominal pain and painted a nasty picture of me. This is why it shows to different testing times. I know that spinal would have put this on record a few years back. I know in my heart they did not catch this early and are afraid of a lawsuit of some sort. I want medical help and I never want to see a lawsuit in regards to how bad I now am. I believe that any lawsuit would only make another person suffer as I have when not caught early. I want to sign anything I can to prove I will never file a suit. I want education and awareness made in regards to ovarian cancer. I want every female to know the education that is getting out there now. It is up to each female to slow down and learn to listen and never be too busy to learn. I need medical help hun now more than ever before. I do not wish for anything other than this. I know they know how bad I am. I still deserve to be diagnosed for what I have and I would love nothing more that to close my eyes and mind and blame them for missing me early on but I cannot. I should have trusted my own symptoms long before it got to that point. I do not know what you have to offer me for help in regards to my situation. I do know also had several years of OBYGN medical records simply disappear along the way regarding this all. I had sent for them twice but never received them. I did get a call at home from him asking me why and what I had going on. I explained my health and he simply retired. My medical records did not go into storage with everyone else’s. I know they know. Can you help me????????????

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