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by Daisy Nodal 6 years ago
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by Daisy Nodal 6 years ago
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Hi, Do any of you experience hair loss, have balding spots, baldness, thinning hair? If you say yes to any of these you are at the right place. Many women experience hair loss and usually the doctor says it's normal, it's an autoimmune disease, their is no cure? That's not solution anyway. This ArticleVote Improved My Health Vote Changed My Life Vote Saved My Life The source of hair loss comes from when thyroid is not function right. Have you ever been to a endocrinologist and have blood test and says it's normal but still experience all these problems? Having hair loss is also heredity and to actually know the cause of it is that your doctor should test you if you are deficient in Iodine. Iodine is very important if you are lack of Iodine levels is the cause of hair loss if you have to much in your body it's harmful. You can mention this to your doctor and ask about such thing and you can take either Iodine pills or Kelp. Kelp is more natural and it's better. If you decide to take them first consult with your doctor before you do. When you buy salt and add to your foods do you see it say on the can "this iodide is not a necessary nutrient". 90 million people in america have thyroid problem due to lack of iodine. Keep this in mind and do mention in for checking your iodine levels. You will soon start seeing hair growth and it's very beneficial for thyroid problems. Melissa


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