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Isn't it interesting when a man meets a woman who is single, and they like her, but she is not interested in him. They automatically assume she is gay. It is like, how dare you reject me; like he is a prize. I get that a lot. I chose to be celebant for several years and it feels good. Some men don't take to that very well. I think relationships are great, but I have gone through the affair and cheating thing with men, and it is not worth the emotional stress. Wasting that much time on a man who might not be around for long is mind body ling. I am going to give that relationship some time before comitting. And have him onver several times to make sure he isn't crazy. Too much abuse is going on and you don't know his past. When Oprah aired her show on men who had been sexual molested by whomever, this showed me that there are a lot of men, various age range, who are suffereing inside and might not be relationship materal because they are ashame to share their pain---Scary. What do you think.


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