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Elliott Associates Research Global Markets: Our Values

By July 24, 2014 - 9:17pm


Elliott & Associates Research Global Markets is the prime global political-risk research and consulting company of the world. Our mission is to assist investors, companies, and public-sector institutions take advantage of the opportunities and control the risks produced by the effects of politics on markets around the globe. We furnish a channel for gifted, innovative, diligent professionals who are fervent on politics and policy — and their direct and longer-term consequences for global trade and finance.

Values and Principles

Elliott & Associates main [ http://elliottassociatesresearch.com/values.html ] objective is to offer to our various portfolios of clients with practical insight and excellent service; but our mission rises above what we accomplish to how we accomplish it. Elliott & Associates Research Global Markets is dedicated to the highest ethical principles in our research projects, the supervision of dealings with our customers, the security of client privacy, and in all relations within our workforce. We strive to keep complete political and corporate freedom, to encourage openness in our work, and to provide a product that is unbiased. Our innovative methods are motivated by professionalism, not official position. By aiding our customers in making educated business and finance decisions, we aim to establish a clearer comprehension of the impact of politics on markets, a public need we are privileged to serve.

Moreover, we are dedicated to provide significant professional growth opportunities and to develop and uphold a culture that appreciates and compensates enterprise and creativity. We motivate all our workers to create novel and more efficient ways of providing value for our customers. The company's management will continually operate to keep a reasonable equilibrium between the needs of the person and those of the company, and to assure that all workers treat our job and each other with respect. We will enhance and safeguard the Elliott & Associates Research Global Markets name. We will strive to do our best to ascertain that all employees function within a work-place that is as imaginative and enjoyable as it is challenging — and we will provide a service and a work-team we can be proud of.

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Elliott & Associates Research Global Markets is the prime global political-risk research and consulting company of the world. We provide information and insights into current political events that affect markets in order to assist clients foresee and react to volatility and opportunities wherever they conduct business.




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