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Susan Cody: Fat-free Vs. Low-Fat Vs. Regular Foods

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I can't stand 'diet' foods. The thought of fat-free cheese is just, well, wrong. I don't eat margarine or any of those low fat spreads because believe me, I CAN believe it's not butter!

I also don't like diet yogurts, or pretty much anything dairy that has had the fat content removed or taken out. My only exception is milk - I can only handle skim milk.

I kind of fancy myself a cheese buff, and to change it to be lower in fat, or fat free (*shudder*) just boggles my mind.

Real butter is actually better for you than margarine since the natural components of butter are easier for your body to break down.

Diet soda, diet chips and diet cookies...not for me.

I'd rather eat a little of all of the above than a lot of the low fat or no fat counterparts. A real cookie now and again and real cheese (I eat cheese daily)when eaten in moderation, is fine. I think it's all about controlling how much we eat, and how often.

And somebody offered me fat-free ice-cream once. How is that stuff legal?!

Any thoughts?

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