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AUDIO: Dr. Lishan Aklog - Why Did You Become A Cardiologist?

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If they spend time with you and you feel comfortable at the end, then your gut instinct is probably right.

Now, you know, obviously looking up, asking direct questions about how experienced and how many cases and so forth, all that’s important and I think patients are entitled to do that and we encourage people to do that, but the gut feeling about, “This person is really looking out for me and has my interest in my heart,” that could only come from sense that they are committed to your care.

Todd Hartley:
Yeah, I really got that sense from being in your office that you were invested in me as I was invested in you and that was rare and a profound experience for me as a patient, and I know that I wouldn’t have taken that approach had I not followed Michelle King Robson, EmpowHER’s founder’s guidance in showing up to my doctor’s appointment with you with questions and being prepared to ask questions and look for answers that were going to help me make the right decisions.

Dr. Lishan Aklog:
I think that philosophy, as you sort of hinted at through Michelle, is really what EmpowHER is all about, right?

Todd Hartley:

Dr. Lishan Aklog:
I mean it’s about having patients be fully informed. Doctors should not fear, and I don’t think most doctors do, but doctors should not fear fully informed patients. I love patients that come to me with a stack of articles from the Internet or whatever and some of them need to be debunked, but some of them are very valid and I think having patients who are fully informed and with sites like EmpowHER, where, you know, I think we can really empower women and patients to really come to their physicians, you know, really well informed and really understanding this to the full.

They are not being their own doctors; they are just informed patients, so those are two different things, but I think, you know, we see it as a team. You know, I mean, I am the surgeon and generally the lead person on the team, but I have a large team. I have got other practitioners, other clinical people, as well as the patient and their family.

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