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AUDIO: Dr. Lishan Aklog - Why Did You Become A Cardiologist?

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It’s a pretty gutsy, crazy thing to be opening people up and fixing them. And so I think that comes with a territory, but in the days of, sort of extreme personalities that have dominated surgery over the years, I think those days are gone. Most of us these days have a little bit more humility than the classic iron-God surgeon from Hollywood.

Todd Hartley:
Well, you know, I have never asked this question, I have probably interviewed a couple of hundred doctors all of the United States and, do you ever get scared?

Dr. Lishan Aklog:
Oh absolutely, absolutely. I think that just comes with being, with being humble and I think maybe scared is not the right term, although it may be more of a deep concern but, you know, what we do is complex and small errors, small deviations can lead to big, big problems and so, there are absolutely times during an operation where things are going well and then there’s sudden little red flag that might indicate a problem and that we have to look into further or address and there’s a period of time where there’s, you know, some serious concern.

You know, I think one thing that’s, we talked about surgical personalities, I think one thing that is important to balance I think is that, you know, at that time, in the heat of the moment while you are doing surgery you have to be a little bit emotionally detached to be able to understand and address that issue. So I think, you know, some of the humility and some of the other social characteristics that we talked about earlier, those kind of get put on the back burner while we are actually operating because they can interfere with some of that decision making but, deep concern and bordering fear, that does happen, and hopefully, you know, with a level head and with a good team around you, we, most of the time are able to overcome that.

Todd Hartley:
Well he is Dr. Lishan Aklog. He is the Director and Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery at the Heart and Lung Institute of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona and, he just so happens to be the Chairman of EmpowHER’s Medical Advisory Board.

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