Our Goal is to help you meet your goal - providing rapid and reliable answers that directly impact patient care.

As healthcare practitioners are asked to answer increasingly complex and difficult patient care questions, the MICROMEDEX Healthcare Series, including the DRUGDEX®, POISINDEX®, EMERGINDEX®, and DRUG-REAX® Systems, provides the clinician with the information they need at the point of care. The information contained within the databases is reliable, current, unbiased, and written by experienced practitioners.


New titles are written based on several factors to ensure the information needed most by clinicians is available at the point of care. Topic considerations include:

  • Daily literature review of over 2,000 of the world's medical journals (specific titles may be found on the list of journals monitored)
  • Customer needs
  • Editorial board suggestions
  • Policy changes in health or disease management from professional organizations
  • NDA Filings
  • National healthcare trends
  • FDA Reports

Every year, approximately 100 new drugs are added to the DRUGDEX® System. Our goal is to have a full monograph on the system when the FDA approves a drug. We closely monitor the international literature as well, providing full coverage on drugs approved outside the US. In partnership with Martindale, the DRUGDEX® system also features extensive coverage of international trade names. Since 1999, trade names from the following countries have been added, bringing the total number of countries covered to 24.

  • Denmark
  • Portugal
  • Brazil
  • Hong Kong
  • Mexico
  • Israel
  • United Arab Emirates

For the EMERGINDEX® System, approximately 20 new documents are added each year. Examples of new titles include:

  • Rapid Sequence Intubation
  • ACEP Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • COBRA Statute (for patient evaluation/transfers)
  • · Multiple Sclerosis
To see what is new for a particular edition, simply refer to the What's New file.

Update Process

Once written, all of the documents are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to assure continued accuracy and relevance to current practice. The update process includes:

  • daily review of the world's medical literature for
    • new uses of drugs
    • new adverse reactions
    • ·new treatment protocols
    • new topics in emergency medicine
  • focus on the top 200 most prescribed drugs to assure that all relevant literature is included in the drug evaluation
  • periodic review by an outside editorial board member who is a practicing clinician and expert in a given field
  • regular review by the MICROMEDEX editorial staff

Thousands of additions and revisions are made with each new edition of the database. New information is continuously added as studies are published in the literature. With the release of each new volume, information published in the literature for the past three months is included. Older references continue to be retained until more recent data becomes available, and to provide a historical perspective of landmark trials. Numbers of drug evaluations updated and articles added to the DRUGDEX® system for 1999 are as follows:

  • 1538 drug evaluation updates
  • information added from 8253 articles

Editorial Review

After the literature retrieval and writing process is complete, each document or document update undergoes a rigorous review procedure that includes:

  • review by one or more clinically trained editors
  • review by an outside editorial board comprising practicing professionals, including top experts in emergency medicine from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford
  • review and verification of dosage recommendations
  • review by international consultants who verify recommendations with the standard of practice worldwide
Micromedex Editorial Poiicy

Editorial Board

MICROMEDEX is proud of our outside editorial board of over 400 practicing clinicians that actively contribute to the databases. All of these individuals are recognized experts, and contribute greatly to the quality and expertise offered by our products. See our web site for a complete listing of our outside editorial board members.


Experienced clinicians and writers comprise the distinguished editorial staffs that represent the MICROMEDEX databases. All of our clinicians are accomplished professionals, from a wide variety of specialty areas, including pediatrics, oncology, nutrition, home health care, emergency medicine, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacoeconomics, and drug information, who contribute to the significant editorial effort required to maintain the accuracy and comprehensiveness of our products. Names and educational backgrounds are listed below:

Helen Alfaro, MHS
BA, Business Administration, Webster University
MS, Healthcare Systems, University of Denver
Certified, American Medical Writers Association

Jane Bonn, MA
MA, Library & Information Science, University of Denver Certified, Medical Writing and Editing American Medical Writers Association; Data Processing and Statistics, University of Pittsburgh

Stephanie Briggs, PhD
PhD, Nutrition, University of California at Davis

Christopher S. Conner, PharmD
PharmD, University of Southern California

Brian Cohan, BS, RPh
BS, Pharmacy, University of Houston
MS, Computer Science, University of Colorado Denver
Houston NW Medical Center, Cardiovascular Specialist
MD Anderson Cancer Institute, MICU/SICU-Pediatric oncology Specialist

Linda M. Elbers, PharmD
BS, Pharmacy, University of Colorado
PharmD, State University of New York at Buffalo
Pediatric Speciality Residency, Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City

Debbie Denzel Maloney, PharmD
BS, Pharmacy, State University of New York at Buffalo
General Pharmacy Residency, Medical Center Hospital of Vermont
PharmD, State University of New York at Buffalo

Valerie Haas, RPh
BS, North Dakota State University

Cheryl Heiland, PharmD
PharmD, Creighton University Clinical Residency, University of Florida
Drug Information Residency, University of Colorado

Kristen Holderness, BS Pharm, PharmD
BS Pharm, University of Colorado
PharmD, University of Colorado

Kim Michael Hulko, BS Pharm
BS Pharm, University of Maryland Certified, American Medical Writers Association

Trace Hutchison, PharmD
BS, Psychology, Michigan State University
BS Pharm, Ferris State University
PharmD, University of Michigan
Clinical Pharmacy Residency, University of Michigan

Richard S. Klasco, MD
MD, Harvard Medical School Internal Medicine Residency, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Emergency Medicine Residency, Denver Health Medical
Center Diplomate, American Board of Emergency Medicine

Stacy LaClaire, PharmD, BS Pharm
BS Pharm, Albany College of Pharmacy
PharmD, University of Colorado Oncology
Residency, University of Colorado

Karen K. Miller, PhD
BA, Psychobiology, Occidental College
PhD, Pharmacology, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Patrick McBride, BS Pharm
BS, University of Colorado

David Shahan, PharmD
BS, University of Colorado
PharmD, University of Texas, San Antonio
Adult Medicine Residency, University of Texas Health Science Center

Nick Yu, BS Pharm, MBA
BS, University of Texas
MBA, University of Colorado